10 More Medicines, 87 of which were Respiratory Medication, Included on the Reimbursement List

Zehra Zümrüt Selçuk, Minister of Family, Labor and Social Services, announced that a total of 10 drugs, 87 of which are respiratory system drugs, were included in the reimbursement list.

74 more local drugs are on the reimbursement list

Noting that 87 of the 74 drugs included in the reimbursement list by the Social Security Institution (SGK) are domestic production, Minister Selçuk stated that the last 87 drugs added to the reimbursement list and the number of drugs paid will reach 9.020.

Minister Selçuk does not care about the health of the citizen. zamHe pointed out that they do not see it as a cost element and accordingly, they add to the number of drugs included in the reimbursement list.

Stating that citizens can obtain drugs from pharmacies contracted with the Social Security Institution, Minister Selçuk said, “I wish the drugs to be healed for our patients, I wish our citizens a healthy life”.

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