Fear and Anxiety May Cause High Blood Pressure

It is frequently stated by experts that long-term and high levels of anxiety, anxiety, fear and panic are associated with some physical illnesses. Specialists, who draw attention to the importance of regular exercise as it reduces anxiety and improves the coping skills of the person, emphasizes the importance of social relations for psychological resilience, increasing the activities and the individuals themselves. zamsuggests they take the moment.

Üsküdar University NP Feneryolu Medical Center Psychiatrist Dr. Dilek Sarıkaya, a faculty member, shared important information about the ailments caused by fear and anxiety and her recommendations to ensure psychological resilience.

High blood pressure complaints can be seen

Pointing out that long-term and high levels of anxiety, anxiety, fear and panic are associated with some physical illnesses, Dr. Lecturer Dilek Sarıkaya, who is a member, continued his words as follows: “Complaints such as increase in blood pressure and related high blood pressure can be seen. It can lead to an increase in blood sugar and frequent problems with this in someone with diabetes. It can cause some unidentified physical problems such as pain, numbness, tingling, especially serious and serious headaches. For this reason, in the case of some physical symptoms that are not fully understood, after the examination at the relevant branch physician, if there are neurological symptoms such as dizziness and headache and no neurological disorder is detected to explain it, it is definitely a mental health and illnesses, considering that it may be due to a psychological reason. We recommend getting support from experts. "

There may be obvious avoidance behaviors

Dr. Dilek Sarıkaya said, "If our fears and anxieties lead to very pronounced avoidance behaviors, if these avoidance behaviors affect our quality of life at a significant level, if they affect our social and family relationships, and our business life, we definitely recommend getting support from a mental health and illness specialist." .

Psychological resilience can be developed

Defining the concept of psychological resilience as a general concept that describes the person's ability to react and cope with certain mental traumas or stress factors, Sarıkaya said, “Here, especially individuals with high psychological resilience or resilience are affected less by traumatic experiences or the effects of trauma are less traumatic. It is said to lead to post-stress disorder or depression. "Psychological resilience is defined as a situation that can be improved with research and it is possible to achieve a higher level of resilience."

What should be done for psychological soundness?

Dr. Dilek Sarıkaya shared her suggestions for psychological resilience as follows:

“First of all, regular exercise is one of the important activities we recommend because it both reduces anxiety and improves the coping skills of the person. Increasing social activities, improving our social support systems, developing positive relationships in family, friends and business relationships, zamtaking the moment, taking care of our needs, feeling tired and exhausted zamTo stop and slow down in moments and listen to what we need, to rest for this need, to slow down a little, to take short breaks are methods we recommend to increase psychological endurance. "

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