Domestic Frigate TCG ISTANBUL Launching on 23 January 2021

The construction of TCG ISTANBUL, the first ship of its class, is still continuing in the shipyard of our Naval Forces at Istanbul Shipyard Command with the participation of many Turkish Defense Industry companies under the responsibility of STM as the main contractor. The first frigate F 515 TCG ISTANBUL will be launched on January 23, 2021.

The decision of the Defense Industry Executive Committee to design and build the first ship under the Istanbul Shipyard Command in the "I" Class Frigate project, which continues its activities as a continuation of the MİLGEM concept, was taken on June 30, 2015.

The first ship TCG ISTANBUL (F 3) will be launched on January 2017, in the first class “I” frigate project, which started with a ceremony at the Istanbul Shipyard Command on 515 July 23, and port acceptance tests in May 2022, cruise acceptance tests on January 2023. After completion, it will be delivered to the Naval Forces Command in September 2023.

Nativity rate increases to 75 percent in Class I Frigates

STM, which plays an important role in the domestic ship projects of the Turkish defense industry; Speaking in November 1, STM General Manager Özgür Güleryüz, in the "1: 2020 Answers with STM" project that he started to convey his experience to the public through social media,

“For example, in the construction of Class I Frigates, which is a more complicated project where defense industry companies in the sector come together under the prime contractor of STM, we are moving towards a 75 percent localization rate. Also, there are already many new projects from frigate to submarine. " he had made statements.

Contract for combat systems of I (Stackable) Class Frigates

ASELSAN is responsible for the supply of Navigation Systems, Communication Systems, Radar Systems, Weapon Systems, Underwater Systems, Electronic Warfare Systems and Electro-Optical Systems. Aselsan's share in the contract is 663,47 million ₺. Within the scope of the contract, deliveries will be made in 2021-2023.

The stack class frigates, which emerged with the design changes made on the ADA Class corvette and the increased weapon load, are expected to replace the aging MEKO Track I ships used in the Turkish Navy.

The naming and side numbers of the 4 Class I Frigates to be built will be as follows:

  • TCG Istanbul (F 515),
  • TCG Izmir (F 516),
  • TCG Izmit (F 517),
  • TCG İçel (F 518)

General Design Features

  • Long Range and Effective Weapons
  • Effective Command Control and Combat Systems
  • High Cruising System
  • Life Cycle Cost Oriented Design
  • High Survivability and Shock Resistance
  • Military Design and Construction Standards
  • Operational Ability in KBRN Environment
  • High Maritime Features
  • High Reliability, Low Radar Cross Section
  • Low Acoustic and Magnetic Trace
  • P / O Trace Management (Low IR Trace)
  • Lifetime Supportability
  • Integrated Platform Control and Monitoring System (EPKİS) Capability


Ship Personnel: 123


  • 10 Sea Hawk Helicopter of 1 tons
  • GPP to
  • Platform and hangar with Level-1 Class-2 certification

Sensor, Weapon and Electronic Systems


  • 3D Search Radar
  • National A / K Radar
  • National Electro Optic Dayrector System
  • National Electronic Support System
  • National Electronic Attack System
  • National Sonar System
  • National IFF System
  • National Infrared Search and Tracking System
  • National Torpedo Jamming / Deception System
  • National Laser Warning System

Weapon Systems

  • National Surface to Surface G / M System (ATMACA)
  • Surface to Air G / M (ESSM)
  • Vertical Shot System
  • 76mm Main Battery Ball
  • National Gun A / K System
  • Close Air Defense Weapon System
  • National 25mm Stabilized Ball Platform (STOP)
  • National Decoy Throw System
  • National Torpedo Case System

Source: defenceturk

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