New Lotus Sports Car Series Approved

new lotus sports car series approved
new lotus sports car series approved

Turkey Royal Motors represented by Lotus Cars in Norfolk, in a world-class manufacturing facilities in Hethel verified a new sports car series this year will start the Lotus Type 131 prototype.

The new manufacturing investment is part of Lotus's Vision80 strategy, and will also see the two Lotus sub-assembly plants move into one efficient centralized operation in Norwich city to support higher volumes. To accompany the £ 100m + investment in Hethel's facilities, Lotus will hire around 250 new employees. This will add an additional 2017 employees to Lotus since September 670, when shareholders Geely and Etika took ownership of the company. Engineering and manufacturing roles for both Lotus Cars and the world-renowned engineering consultancy Lotus Engineering will need new hires. Lotus Engineering, which opened the Advanced Technology Center in Warwick at the end of this year, has released an image to introduce the upcoming performance car family, giving clues to the next generation of products following the Elise, Exige and Evora, which are in their final production year in 2021.

Lotus Elise was introduced in 1995. With its pioneering use of extruded and bonded aluminum, high-tech composites and lightweight know-how, it has revolutionized the low-volume sports car industry.

Using technology pioneered in Elise and launched in 2000, the Exige quickly became the epitome of the "Race Car for the Road". With the safety and progressiveness expected from a Lotus, Exige has shown a rare ability to offer the driver an inclusive yet accessible experience on the road, while managing to quickly embrace the world's toughest tracks.

The Evora brought Lotus back to the super sports car industry as a more driver-focused, award-winning and versatile road car than its peers. In motorsport, Evora has also been successful, winning national GT championships around the world and winning a podium at Le Mans.

Lotus cars of the future take this learning and improve it further, along with the primary criteria for being "For Drivers" to ensure that this vital DNA is preserved.

Phil Popham, CEO of Lotus Cars, said: “This year, the introduction of new facilities will be crucial to Lotus, with a new sports car entering production and new levels of efficiency and quality that only a new car design and factory can offer. Despite ongoing global challenges, Lotus has emerged strong and fast to realize our Vision2020 business plan from 80. As our Vision80 strategy shows, Lotus is all about looking ahead, and our future is filled with constant innovation. But in 2021, starting with the Elise, a sports car that truly revolutionizes the automotive industry, it's the same, not just because it's a legend in its lifetime. zamWe will reflect the legacy of our current series for him as well. Its impact on automobile design and technology. ”

Lotus's Executive Director of Engineering Matt Windle said: “Our team of renowned engineers, designers and technicians working on the new cars are well aware of the legacy of Elise, Exige and Evora. As a matter of fact, many of them were there when Elise was developed. Old and new members of our team are busy blending what we learned from the past with the innovations of today and tomorrow to ensure that our future cars really advance the game, but remain firmly committed to Lotus values. “Elise, Exige and Evora have contributed greatly to the Lotus business over the years, and when the last of these models leaves the assembly line, they will have a combined sales of about 55.000 units.

Lotus has created many automotive legends over the past 73 years, and with the Evija hypercar and the new Type 131 sports car, the dawn of a new innovation and legend creation breaks out at Hethel.

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