Invention to Prevent the Use of Incorrect Dose Drugs Obtained an International Patent


Toros University Vocational School Anesthesia Program Officer Inst. See. Mehtap Buğdaycı and Gaziantep Hasan Kalyoncu University academicians Dr. Lecturer "Visual Medicine Carrying Box" prepared by member Semra Çelikli in order to prevent misuse of drugs has received an international patent.

Stating that they sent a patent application to South Africa on 20 December 2017 and the patent was accepted 3 years later on 28 December 2020, Toros University Vocational School Anesthesia Program Officer Inst. See. Mehtap Buğdaycı said, “The purpose of designing our visual medicine transport box is; To prevent illiterate, especially elderly people from using incomplete or overdose drugs. This invention provides daily follow-up of the medicines people use regularly and can be combined into a single box instead of carrying more than one medicine box separately when needed, and there is a visual of the dose of the drug to be taken on each box. zam"It is an invention that is based on preventing the wrong dose and wrong drug intake to the wrong patient by writing the names of the patients and it is stated that it will be taken in a moment.

Referring to the difference of the visual medicine carrying box from other medicine carrying boxes in the market, Öğr. See. Buğdaycı said, “The intake of drugs does not only consist of morning, noon, evening and night parameters, but zamwhether the medications were taken at the time or the correct zamIt meets the needs of determining whether it is taken in the moment or not and determining which drug it has taken. The medicine box with the name and dose of the medicines placed in the boxes made in the interlocking rail system feature visually and the medicine image on the changeable cover with the medicine image on the cover, the wrong medication can be prevented with the boxes with the feature of combining in different colors. The medicine image on the replaceable cover also increases the usage function of each medicine box that has the feature of joining. The fact that it has a rail system increases the usage function for patients using more than one medication and provides ease of transportation in one piece ”.

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