Which Regions Are Most Preferred In Fat Removal Surgery?

The Covid-19 process caused a stagnation in our country as well as all over the world, and almost everyone gained weight due to inactivity. It is obvious that we will make an effort for a certain period of time in order to be able to give the oil we buy as a result of this unavoidable process. From which region did we get the most fat during the pandemic? Associate Professor Doctor Tayfun Türkaslan gives information about the fat map on the data. What Should I Do Before Fat Removal Surgery? What should I expect after Fat Removal Surgery? Does liposuction remove oil permanently? Will There Be Fat Back?

The necessity to stay home since March 2020 has caused many people to gain more than normal weight. Likewise, the fact that gyms are also dangerous has made it difficult to exercise and the conditions for losing the necessary weight have not been created. President of the American Plastic Surgery Association Dr. "Across the country, there is some pent-up demand. Our statistics show that people are still interested," said Lynn Jeffers. He made an explanation in the form. According to surveys conducted in the offices of plastic surgeons from all over the world, breast augmentation and liposuction have been found to be the most common procedures. Millions of people have botox injections and fat removal every year.

Following strict home stay orders in March and April, many hospitals and doctor's offices across the country have relaunched these aesthetic procedures, especially where infection rates are relatively stable. In addition to all aesthetic surgeries, liposuction surgery was one of the most popular surgeries. Especially in the summer, the number of cases decreased considerably increased the number of operations and operations.

What Should I Do Before Surgery?

The first step is to consult your surgeon. Talk about your goals, options, risks and benefits, and costs. Ask all your questions in your mind. If you decide to go with liposuction, your surgeon will instruct you on how to prepare for it. These can include dietary and alcohol restrictions. Tell your surgeon about any allergies you have and medications you take, including over-the-counter and herbal supplements. They will recommend that you stop taking certain medications, such as blood thinners and certain pain relievers, for a few weeks before surgery.

What should I expect after the operation?

Your liposuction procedure can be done in your doctor's office or an operating center. Make sure the place you build is accredited and recognized for its professional standards, safety and good results. You will go home on the day of the procedure. Make sure someone drove you home afterwards. (If you are getting too much fat, you should have the surgery done in a hospital where you can stay overnight). Before your liposuction procedure begins, your doctor can mark the areas of your body to be treated. They can also take photos for later use for before and after comparisons. You will then receive general anesthesia - that means you will not be awake during the procedure - or "local," meaning you will be awake but not feel any pain.

Does liposuction permanently remove oil?

While there are several different liposuction techniques commonly used today, all variations focus on one goal: removing fat cells from a targeted (localized) area of ​​the body. All liposuction procedures use a combination of a cannula (perforated tube) and aspirator (suction device) to properly absorb stubborn fat. It is important to note that liposuction indeed permanently removes fat cells from the body.

Will There Be Fat Back?

After adolescence, the human body cannot produce fat cells again. Since fat tissues taken out of the body cannot be regenerated, fat does not form in the area where fat is removed. However, if you force the general dietary rules, you may encounter problems with fat in other parts of your body.

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