TAI Spends 40 Percent Of Its Total Turnover On R&D Investments

Turkish Aerospace Industries (TAI) continues to use technology and R&D as the main leverage in order to gain permanent competitive advantage on a global scale. It was among 2020 companies according to the “2 European Union Industrial R&D Investments Scoreboard” prepared by the European Commission. Thus, while TAI realized the ratio of R&D to total revenue as 500 percent in 2019, it carried this rate to over 34,4 percent in 2020.

In 2020, TAI contributed to the aviation ecosystem in the field of R&D by creating domestic and national source codes for the realization of visual and logical designs of aircraft cockpit systems with the IMODE project, and continued its investment accelerations by making a technological cooperation agreement with BOEING in the field of "Thermoplastic" production. TUSAŞ, which succeeded in producing a "One Piece Thermoplastic Spoiler Protype" for the first time within the scope of the "Wing Technologies of the Future Project", aims to use this design in the new generation single-aisle passenger aircraft of AIRBUS.

TUSAŞ, which has been included in the project support programs of national and international organizations, especially TÜBİTAK, for many projects including artificial intelligence projects, has achieved many success in 2020 in developing innovative and useful products. Taking its strength from experience, innovation and high technology, TAI continues to bring the firsts in the field of R&D to the world aviation ecosystem, especially in our country. Taking an active role in the design as well as the production of critical aircraft components for the world's most established aviation companies, TUSAŞ is working hard to realize its vision of becoming a global company that guides the aviation and space eco-system.

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