Turkey's Home Hygiene Habits Assessment was!

Bingo Oxyjen conducted an online research on "pandemic cleaning habits" for the World Hygiene Day, January 16, and interesting results came out.

Of the people between the ages of 13 and 64 who participated in the survey, 41% of them cleaned their houses several times a week, while 62% said they cleaned the surfaces by washing the floors instead of wiping them. Most of the participants; used perfume scented products in home cleaning. In addition, 67% of the respondents stated that they preferred to stay away from cleaning materials with high chemical content.

The online survey results of Bingo Oxyjen, which attracts attention with its breathtaking hygiene slogan, on home hygiene, on approximately 60 thousand people, have come out. After the research focused on the cleaning habits of different age groups, it was understood that the contents of surface cleaners were highly important.

The number of weekly cleaning has increased

As a result of the survey, cleaning the house several times a day with the pandemic came to the fore as the cleaning trend of the new period. Although the majority of the participants did not clean daily, it increased the number of cleaning it performs per week. The interest in perfumed surface cleaners is quite high in the survey, which is dominated by those who say that I do my own cleaning… Besides, 59% of the participants stated that they use bleach in addition to perfumed surface cleaner in their cleaning routines. It was seen that the proportion of those who used bleach only in house cleaning remained well below the limit in the survey.

Cleaning of kitchen and bathroom surfaces is the first

Research conducted in Turkey in general, participants are primarily home hygiene wet surfaces such as kitchen and bathroom appeared as a result of which they give importance to cleanliness. Those who care about the hygiene of frequently touched surfaces drew attention with 38%. During the pandemic period, the rate of those who say that the cleaning of the places is more important than anything else in home hygiene is 20%.

Fragrant smells are a must for cleaning.

In the questionnaire, which is mostly answered by the female target audience, 82% of those who say that good scent during surface cleaning is a must for cleaning draws attention.

When cleaning at home, it is necessary to choose products carefully.

Pediatric Allergy and Chest Diseases Specialist Prof. Dr. Ahmet Akçay, on the other hand, said the following about cleaning the house in the winter period:

'Most of us don't like the winter months. In the winter months, especially asthma, allergic rhinitis and egzamit can be difficult for children. There may be some precautions we can take to prevent the winter months from being difficult for children with allergies. It may be necessary to fight more intensely with allergens. "Bleaches containing hydrogen peroxide, whose odor does not irritate the respiratory tract, can be used on the floors these days, especially because of the coronavirus disease, where we frequently clean the house.

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