Signatures Signed for Turkish Type Assault Boat Project

Turkish Type Assault Boat Design Agreement was signed between the Presidency of the Republic of Turkey (SSB) and Defense Technologies Engineering (STM).

Defense Technologies Engineering (STM) company announced that the Turkish Type Assault Boat Project Term-1 Contract Design Agreement was signed with the Defense Industry Presidency (SSB). In the statement made, "Turkish Type Assault Boat Project Period-1 Contract Design Contract was signed between the Defense Industry Presidency (SSB) and our company on 31 August 2020." statement was included.

With the project initiated by the SSB, the Turkish Type Assault Boat will be equipped with high speed, high and modern weapon systems in line with the needs of the Turkish Naval Forces. In the statement made on the site of Defense Technologies Engineering (STM) company regarding the subject; “Within the framework of the task of establishing and maintaining sea control in the operation areas of the Turkish Naval Forces Command; Defining the system requirements, concept selection, preliminary design and contract design activities of Turkish Type Assault Boats planned to be procured in order to destroy / neutralize enemy elements and to ensure the survival of their own elements. The statement is given.

Another issue within the scope of the Turkish Type Assault Boat Project Term-1 Contract Design Contract signed is that it includes Original Design development activities. These; Hull Form Optimization, Ship Structural Analysis, Main Propulsion System, Ship Electrical System Design, Weapon Configuration and the development of their design package.

Assault boats

Assault boats are platforms designed according to the nature of the seas of the countries. The most important characteristics of torpedo boats, which can operate in shallow waters, are that they are fast and agile. Assault boats, which have more firepower than their displacement, are in the inventory of our naval forces due to the Islands (Aegean) Sea.

There are 4 torpedo boats in 19 different classes, namely Kılıç, Rüzgar, Yıldız and Doğan in the inventory of the Turkish Naval Forces.

Turkish Type Assault Boat Project (FAC-55)

Turkish Type Assault Boat (FAC-55); It is a single-hulled ship with a gas turbine propulsion system designed to perform surface and air defense warfare and patrol missions on the open sea in heavy sea and weather conditions.

The FAC-55 is mainly designed for the following tasks;

  • Acting as a fast attack tool and participating in selected attack operations
  • To prevent illegal activities under their authority and responsibility
  • Coastal and offshore patrol and tracking

General features:

In air and sea surveillance and control, the FAC-55 has the following features:

  • Task capacity in sea state 5
  • Non-magnetic steel body and superstructure
  • Low radar cross section (RCS)
  • Low infrared trail (IR)
  • Reduced acoustic and magnetic signature
  • Comfortable accommodation for 34 crew members
  • Duration at sea: 7 days

Technical Specifications:

Total Length: 62,67 meters
Water Line Length 55,98 meters
Azami Width: 9,84 meters
Away: 535 ton
Azami Speed: 55+ knots (> 100km / h)
Economic Speed: 18 knots
Range: 20 km with 1852 knots
50 km with 1389 knots
Fuel Capacity: 90 ton
Clean Water Capacity 8 ton
Sensor and Weapons 3D Search Radar / IFF
LPI Navigation Radar
Electro Optical Camera
HF / VHF / UHF Communication System
Signal Tracking and Lighting Radar
1x 76mm Ball
2x 12,7mm STAMP
8x Harpoon Missiles
2X Chaff Shooter
Main Drive COGAG 28 MW
3x water jets / water jet
Power Generation 3 x 200 kW diesel generator
Ship Boat RHIB (Rigid Hull Inflatable Boat)

Source: defenceturk

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