Provisional Acceptance Tests in TUMSİS Project Successfully Completed


As a result of the acceptance tests carried out in ASELSAN Macunköy with the participation of the Defense Industry Presidency and the Turkish Armed Forces within the scope of the TSK X-Band Satellite Communication System Project (TUMSİS), the serial production provisional acceptance tests of many transferable terminals and portable terminals were successfully completed.

Satellite communication systems that have a very important place for uninterrupted communication in cross-border operations
within the scope; With these systems designed entirely with national facilities, a significant capability gain has been achieved for the Turkish Armed Forces, with issues such as enabling broadband data communication and capability of encrypted and secure high data communication.

Within the scope of the terminals;

  • Antenna, modem, LNB, E-VoIP, IPKC, radio and terminal management software developed and produced nationally by ASELSAN,
  • Different types and features of antennas, generators, shelters, antenna masters, serial IP converters, gateways, power distribution units, routers and hiding network units developed and manufactured by many local subcontractors,
  • With the platform integration design activities carried out on the vehicle and in the portable equipment bag, a total of over XNUMX percent industry participation offset obligation was fulfilled.

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