BORA Ballistic Missile System Deliveries to TAF Completed

Bora ballistic missile system deliveries to the Turkish Armed Forces have been completed. In the BORA Missile Project, the contract of which was signed in 2009 and developed and produced by ROKETSAN, deliveries to the Turkish Armed Forces were completed. In the statement made by the Defense Industry Presidency, it was stated that "all deliveries within the scope of the BORA Missile Project have been completed".

The BORA ballistic missile creates intense and effective firepower on high priority targets within the army's sphere of influence. BORA Missile; zamIt provides excellent fire support to maneuvering units by creating instant, accurate and effective firepower. The missile can be launched from other platforms with a suitable interface for integration with the ROKETSAN-manufactured BORA Weapon System. The range of the BORA Missile is considered to be 280+km. There is also an export version of the BORA ballistic missile system as KAAN.

Logistics Support Project for BORA Missile System signed

In December 2019, the BORA Missile System Logistics Support Project was signed between the Defense Industry Presidency (SSB) and ROKETSAN, which will meet the need for the BORA Missile Systems to remain active and operational with all functions.

BORA Missile System Logistics Support Project was signed between SSB and ROKETSAN. President of Defense Industry Prof. Dr. İsmail Demir, representatives of the Ministry of National Defense, General Staff, Land Forces Command and ROKETSAN attended. The project will meet the need for the BORA Missile Systems, which are in the inventory of the Land Forces Command, to remain active with all their functions.

PKK's determined targets hit with 'Bora'

While Operation Claw, launched by the Turkish Armed Forces (TSK) against PKK terrorists in the Hakurk region in northern Iraq on May 27, 2019, continues, shelters, shelters, caves, ammunition and living areas used by PKK terrorists are determined one by one. .

July 2019 Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) with PKK targets in Hakurk detected, coordinates given in accordance with national capabilities in Turkey has developed a range of 280 kilometers and the 'Bora' was shot with. The missile firings were also observed with the naked eye in the county of Degik, located at the zero point of the Iraqi border.


Diameter: 610 mm
Weight: 2.500 kg
Guidance: Global Positioning System (GPS) Supported Inertial
Navigation System (ANS)
Control: Electromechanical Drive System Aerodynamic Control
Fuel Type: Composite Solid Fuel
Warhead Type: Destroyed, Fragmented
Warhead Weight: 470 kg
Fuze Type: Proximity (Precision Backup)

Source: defenceturk

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