AKYA Heavy Torpedo Shot From TCG GÜR Submarine

The AKYA Heavy Torpedo, which will enter the inventory of the Turkish Naval Forces in 2021, was fired

“Our TCG GÜR submarine successfully fired the AKYA Talim Torpedo in the Marmara Sea,” the Ministry of National Defense's social media account posted on Twitter. The development was announced with the expression.

"The first deliveries of domestic and national torpedo AKYA will begin" by the Presidency of the Republic of Turkey. It was stated that the heavy torpedo requirement of the Turkish Navy will be met nationally in 2021.


AKYA Heavy Torpedo

The works initiated within ArMerKom to meet the 533mm heavy torpedo requirement of the Naval Forces Command with national means went to a concrete step in 2009 with the approval of the General Staff, and the National Heavy Torpedo Development Project (AKYA) contract was signed between the SSB and ArMerKom-TUBITAK and Roketsan. . AKYA's first test shot was carried out in the summer of 2013. For the first firing test, a 533mm torpedo shell was placed on a floating platform by DzKK. The sonar system of AKYA, whose design work is under the responsibility of ArMerKom, is developed by TUBITAK, and the warhead and guidance system by Roketsan. Final assembly of AKYA is also carried out in Roketsan facilities.

The experience gained in the AKYA Heavy Class Torpedo Project will be transferred to the ORKA Project. In the ORKA Project, besides the main contractor ROKETSAN, ASELSAN will also take part as the main subcontractor. ORKA will strengthen the Turkish Armed Forces as a national element in the protection of the Blue Homeland.


The ORKA light torpedo concept was exhibited for the first time by ASELSAN at the 13th International Defense Industry Fair (IDEF'17). It was also aimed that the light torpedo would be able to receive target data via acoustic communication via HIZIR-LFAS systems in the stages of advancement to the target submarine and target search.

Source: defenceturk

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