TCG Anadolu's Threat Detection and Tracking System PİRİ KATS Ready for Mission

Factory acceptance tests of the PIRI Infrared Search and Tracking System (KATS) developed by ASELSAN were completed at ASELSAN Akyurt Facilities with the participation of the Defense Industry Presidency, ARMERKOM, Sedef Shipyard and ASELSAN personnel. PİRİ KATS is one of the most important systems of the Multi-Purpose Amphibious Assault Ship TCG ANADOLU, which will be the largest platform of the Turkish Armed Forces when it is put into service, for threat detection and tracking in port and cruise situation. PIRI-KATS, which is the first double-band infrared search and tracking system in the world, operating in medium wave (MW) and long wave (LW), has been developed to provide 360 ​​degrees of awareness to naval platforms, taking into account the needs of the Naval Forces Command and is fully compatible with the combat management system. is a detection tracking system that provides.

PIRI-KATS consists of three main units;

  • Sensor Unit, where the 120-degree image is collected with the help of outer windows and delivered to the detector by optical paths,
  • Stabilization Unit used for the detection and tracking of the Sensor Unit even in the harshest sea conditions and
  • It is the Electronic Unit where the detection and tracking functions are performed, in which the digitalized image is processed.

The system, which provides 360 degree coverage with three sensors placed on the ship, provides the user with passive detection and tracking in different sea conditions with its panoramic view. System consisting of more than five thousand sub-materials; With its unique and local optical design and its ability to track 150 targets at the same time, it shows how exceptional ASELSAN is for our country in terms of its technologies and products.

The system, which will be added to the inventory with TCG ANADOLU, which is planned to be delivered to the Naval Forces Command after the completion of the integration, commissioning, port and sea acceptance tests, is planned to be delivered within the scope of the Half-Life Modernization Project of Barbaros Class Frigates and the I-Class Frigate (MILGEM 5) Project.


PIRI-KATS is a high performance infrared search tracking system developed for naval platforms to detect and track air and sea vehicles and missiles passively.

PIRI provides uninterrupted protection against threats thanks to its constantly looking sensors. SpousezamThanks to its instant Dual-Band IR Imaging feature, it is a complete protection and warning system against all threats with its large elevation field of view in all weather conditions and in all light conditions. It has a structure adaptable to all platforms with 360° panoramic MWIR and LWIR imaging on Yanca axis and distributed sensor architecture.

Usage areas

  • Search and Tracking
  • Surveillance

General features

  • Passive Search and Tracking
  • Detection and Tracking of Air / Sea Vehicles and Missiles
  • Matching Multiple GoalszamInstant Detection and Tracking
  • Permanently Looking Sensors
  • High View Compared to Rotating Systems
  • Refresh Rate
  • Shorter Time for Track Notification
  • Longer Tracking Notification Range
  • Longer Time for Countermeasures
  • SpousezamInstant Dual-Band IR Imaging (MWIR and LWIR)
  • Low False Alarm Rate
  • Great Viewing Angle on the Elevation Axis
  • Synchronization of Sea-Sweeping Missiles and AircraftzamInstant Detection
  • Panoramic MWIR and LWIR Image Display for the Whole Sidewalk Axis
  • SpousezamInstantly 6 Compressed Panoramic Videos (213×1536) and 5 High Definition (640×512) Sector Video Displays
  • Distributed Sensor Architecture
  • Entire Side Axis Coverage by Placing Sensor Units Around the Tower
  • Unlike Rotating Systems, No Blind Zone Occurs
  • Movement in Elevation
  • Ability to Detect and Track Threats at Higher Altitude
  • Precision Stabilization
  • Environmental Awareness
  • Masking Zone Definition Ability
  • Data Logging Capability

Source: defenceturk

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