Sarsılmaz starts the delivery of PMT 7,62 Machine Guns

Sarılmaz will begin the delivery of the PMT 7,62 / SAR 240 machine guns, which it manufactures with domestic facilities, in 2021. The machine guns developed for the platforms will be delivered.

Sarsılmaz shared the first information and images about the 7,62 × 51 mm SAR 240 and the 12,7 × 99 mm SAR 127 in April 2020. Unveiling the first prototypes of weapons in a short time with R&D activities, Sarsılmaz accelerated the qualification tests on the one hand and the infrastructure works for mass production of the weapons.

Need for a Domestic Machine Gun

Domestic infantry rifles were taken into inventory in large numbers and an important gap was eliminated. However, the need for special forces, infantry and especially machine guns used in on-vehicle equipment is mostly met by foreign resources. In times of crisis, it may not be possible to meet these weapons from various foreign manufacturers. For this reason, the production of machine guns of our domestic manufacturerszamis of utmost importance. Machine guns used in remote-controlled weapon systems are especially important. NRCs play an important role in fire support. Our domestic machine guns are designed in similar sizes to the machine guns currently used in our vehicles.

SAR 240 Machine Gun

PMT Sarsilmaz DT x

SAR 240 has 3 different models. Of these, SAR 240A; It can be used in remote controlled weapon systems (UKKS) such as SARP and STAMP. Developed for infantry use, the SAR 240B model, on the other hand, can be fired from both a fork stand and a tripod. The SAR 240C's ALTAY main battle tank is intended to be used as a coaxial machine gun with its main weapon. The body of all models of the SAR 240 is also suitable for firing at least 50.000 rounds. Their barrels have a lifespan of at least 25.000 rounds. The gun can operate at temperatures between -52 and +72 ˚C. A machine gun with an effective range of 1.200 meters for zone targetszami range is 3.725 meters. The average weight of different models of the gun is 12 kilograms.


Model SAR 240 PMT
Caliber 7.62 mm x 51
Functional Pliers Mechanism Open Position / Gas Driven
Bullet Supply Swimsuit
Bullet Case Launch Empty Case Bottom, Mayon Right
Firing Modes Fully Automatic / Quick Shot
Max. Length 1200mm (± 5mm)
Min. Length 1040mm (± 5mm)
Width 155mm (± 5mm)
Height 250mm (± 5mm)
Barrel Length 547 mm 21 ″ ”(± 5 mm)
No Magazine Weapon 12000 g (± 1000 g)
Other informations
Standard Trigger Weight 20 - 30 N
Rate of Fire 1st Setting Approximately 600 beats / min 2nd Setting Approximately 800 rounds / min 3rd Setting Approximately 1100 rounds / min
Muzzle Velocity 850 mt / sec (± 50 mt / sec)
Barrel Profile / Groove-Set Right-handed 4 (1/12) thread-set

SAR 127 Heavy Machine Gun

PMT Sarsilmaz DT x

The SAR 127 heavy machine gun can operate both fully automatically and fire individually. Similar to the SAR 240A, the SAR 127, which can be integrated into the UKKS, can also be installed on land, sea and air vehicles by making the necessary interface connections. The weapon, which weighs approximately 38 kilograms, has an effective range of 1.830 meters for regional targets.zamThe i range is 6.764 meters.

Source: defenceturk

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