SAMUR Mobile Floating Assault Bridge Carried ALTAY Tank Successfully

In the video shared by FNSS on its official Twitter account on January 19, 2021, it is seen that the Altay tank is safely passed through shallow waters on the SAMUR Mobile Floating Assault Bridge (SYHK) vehicle. During the transition, 2 FNSS Samur were used. As can be seen from the shared video, various maneuvers were tried during the transition as well as the transition activity.

FNSS said in the video it shared, "SAMUR, with its dual transport team, the AYS70T weight class has reinforced the user's confidence by carrying the ALTAY tank even at shallow depths." gave his statement.

SAMUR Mobile Floating Assault Bridge

SAMUR Mobile Amphibious Assault Bridge (SYHK) is Turkey's first original design and development projects. SAMUR SYHK System is a transportation team and bridge system that will enable the Turkish Armed Forces to pass through watery openings in the battlefield quickly and safely, in line with their tactical operation needs.

With its diesel engine, automatic transmission, pneumatic suspension system and hydraulic brake system, SAMUR SYHK System has the ability to drive on land at 50% vertical and 30% lateral slope in forward and reverse directions.

With the water driving and 2 ° maneuverability provided by 360 pump jets, SAMUR SYHK System can operate in flowing waters up to 2.5 m / sec.

The military load class (AYS) alone is 21 tracked vehicles, the AYS 70 tracked vehicle in the dual transport team formed by the combination of two systems and the AYS 100 wheeled vehicle in the triple transport team formed by the combination of three systems coming side by side from the ramps. 12 SAMUR SYHK Systems come together to form a 150 m long bridge and allow vehicles to pass between coasts.

Limited during combat zamWith the system aiming to use the moment in the best way, a double transport team can be set up in a maximum of 10 minutes. In SAMUR SYHK System, safety is prioritized with rescue crane, automatic fire suppression system, fixed fire extinguishing system, portable fire extinguishers and plus pressure BK system.

Turkey was the first time the product is implemented without foreign support projects that design and develop a system to abroad SYHK SAMUR also seen the like. The SAMUR SYHK System is distinguished from similar systems with its 8 × 8 driving structure, carrying 4 ramps in one system, standard emergency and shore anchoring system, ballistic protection, electronic data communication infrastructure that provides easy fault detection.

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