Oral Hygiene Comes To The Forefront During The Epidemic

Inadequate oral hygiene increases the risk of heart disease by 25 percent, the risk of blood pressure disease by 20 percent, and the risk of diabetes 3 times.

Personal hygiene continues to be of vital importance in the coronavirus epidemic, which spread rapidly all over the world after its emergence in the first months of 2019. Oral hygiene comes first. A recent study conducted in England on the relationship between oral health and coronavirus revealed that oral hygiene is effective in preventing airway infections, especially in patients over 70 years old. According to the research, oral diseases increase the risk of heart disease by 19 percent, the risk of blood pressure disease by 25 percent, and the risk of diabetes by 20 times, which are among the high risk factors of Covid-3. This table seems to make the public more conscious about oral hygiene. Aquapick outbreak in the process according to the data shared by Turkey showed 35 percent increase in demand for mouth shower.

Subject Aquapick in the assessment of Turkey CEO Dr. Mehmet Fırat Doğan said, “The whole world has started to pay more attention to personal hygiene due to the rapidly spreading coronavirus this year. During this period, our mouth shower sales increased by 35 percent. As experts say, oral hygiene is also very important to protect against the virus. At this point, mouth showers, which are scientifically proven to clean the teeth deeply by giving pressurized water to the mouth and provide 100 percent oral hygiene, provide many benefits from preventing airway infections, stopping gum bleeding, preventing implant losses and plaque and tartar formation. said.

It makes 2400 water beats per minute

Stating that in scientific studies, it has been revealed that mouthwash provides serious protection for people at high risk of exposure to mouth and respiratory pathogens (disease causing virus). Mehmet Fırat Doğan said, “The mouth showers we developed as Aquapick support the preservation of oral health by making 2400 water shots per minute. Being the highest pressure mouth shower in the world, with its patented tip structure and many proven scientific features, it provides 100 percent hygiene in the mouth by entering every point that the toothbrush cannot reach. It has been proven in the doctoral dissertations and scientific publications that the mouth shower provides a much higher effect in a short time compared to the interface brush and dental floss and saves the users from these difficulties. It has also been proven that it increases blood circulation by 150 percent thanks to its massage effect in the mouth, and stops gum bleeding and recession by 3 percent at the end of the 98rd day. Therefore, the use of mouth shower is one of the most effective methods in preventing the formation of bacteria, dental calculus, tooth loss, gingivitis and many infections that occur with increasing gum diseases due to the strengthening of the immune system, preventing bacteria harmful to the mouth through breathing, and insufficient oral hygiene. said.

Also effective in implants and prostheses

Noting that oral douche is also effective in preventing the infection called periimplantitis that can occur in the tissues around the implant after dental implant applications, Doğan said, “Periimplantitis is one of the biggest problems of the dentistry industry. The most common reason for this is the inadequate hygiene after implant. It has been proven that especially the floss used in the cleaning of the implant base leaves residue and causes periimplantitis, and with the interface brush used under the prosthesis, dental floss does not provide enough hygiene and causes tissue deformation. However, low pressure to the bottom of the implant and prosthetic lower in Turkey, ineffective throwing technique and structure due to improper ends of the patients after the use of ineffective oral hygiene shower still seems unable to provide enough. In the presentations made in international prestigious journals and world dentistry congresses, it is seen that the use of Aquapick Oral Shower provides a perfect hygiene in the cleaning of the implant periphery and prosthesis and protects patients' implants and prostheses in a healthy way. used the expressions.

Lifetime no need to change parts

Doğan pointed out that their focus is on customer satisfaction and said, “We have been observing consumer rights, which constitute a major problem in our country, with the Aquapick Consumer Rights Laws that we have created in our country since 2017, with the principle of immediate service, without leaving any of our customers unpaid. In this context, Aquapick products, which we have developed for lifelong use without the need for any part replacement, provide the necessary support without destroying the errors caused by solution, etc. to the customer, and we provide excellent technical support with a service speed that is solved in just one hour at a rate of 98 percent. In cases such as breakage of the device, instead of directing it to buy new products, we provide our customers with the opportunity to use for a lifetime with a small price with the spare parts stock we keep. We respond to even the smallest questions 7/24, in cases where we do not have an office in the province where our customer is located, we take the product with cargo and intervene on the same day and deliver it to their homes free of charge. We give confidence to our customers, where the number of users of the product is more than one, with additional accessory support, explaining how to use the product according to each mouth structure by our oral and dental health experts. " said.

Investments in progress

Finally in 2021 in statements concerning plans Aquapick Turkey CEO Dr. Mehmet Fırat Doğan stated that R&D investments will continue. Doğan, as Aquapick, we continue to work continuously for the development and more effective use of the mouth shower with the intense investments we have made. In 2020, we further developed the AQ-300, the world's most scientifically proven mouthwash, and launched the world's smartest mouth shower AQ-350, fully equipped with sensors. Thus, we demonstrated the use of new generation sensor technologies in the mouth shower. We will continue to increase our investments and employment in 2021, which is predicted to be a year of economic contractions in the world. Within the framework of our completely customer-oriented service approach, we want to further reinforce the trust in us by increasing our customer service, sales network and accessibility. We would like to bring many more scientific publications to our country with prestigious universities and show that Aquapick offers definitive solutions in all areas of oral and dental health, from gum diseases, orthodontic treatment, implant and prosthesis use, to general oral hygiene. he spoke.

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