Home Accidents Increased in Pandemic

It has been shaking our daily lives deeply for about a year and is at home more than ever before both adults and children. zamThere is also an increase in home accidents during the Covid-19 pandemic that caused him to have a moment.

Acıbadem Taksim Hospital Child Health and Diseases Specialist Dr. Yasemin Eraslan Pınarcı stated that children, the elderly and women are the most affected by household accidents; Stating that it is possible to minimize the accidents with the precautions to be taken, “We can make our living spaces safer for us and our children with the precautions we will take in our homes. It will be the most effective approach to prevent injuries by ensuring that children live in a safe environment instead of practices that will suppress their curiosity. " says. Child Health and Diseases Specialist Dr. Yasemin Eraslan Pınarcı explained the most common home accidents and 10 effective precautions that can be taken, and gave important warnings and suggestions.

Fix the bookshelves to the wall

Fixing items such as bookshelves, shelves, cabinets or televisions that have the risk of falling in the rooms and kitchens to the wall helps prevent accidents.

A railing is essential to the balcony

It is possible to prevent sad consequences by taking measures to prevent falls and crashes, which are the leading household accidents. Dr. Yasemin Eraslan Pınarcı states that having at least 1 meter high railing on the balconies is one of the most important points to be aware of, while keeping items such as chairs on which children can climb on the balconies invites such items to be kept on the balcony.

Do not neglect the security lock on the window

Windows with a lower height from the floor must be protected with security locks so that they can open up to 10 cm.

Choose non-slip rugs

In multi-storey houses, Dr. Yasemin Eraslan Pınarcı says that it is essential to use non-slip rugs and mats especially on slippery surfaces, otherwise injuries due to falls can occur frequently. On the other hand, serious injuries can be prevented by attaching protectors to sharp and sharp-edged items such as tables and coffee tables.

Lock drawers

With door holders and finger guards, the risk of finger and hand jamming can be reduced. Special locks should be used in kitchen cabinets and drawers to prevent children from reaching cutting tools such as knives.

Do not leave the cover of cleaning supplies open

At home, easily accessible to children, such as cleaning materials or toxic substances such as medicine are among the leading causes of accidents. Acıbadem Taksim Hospital Child Health and Diseases Specialist Dr. Yasemin Eraslan Pınarcı said, “Poisoning is quite common in our country as a result of putting materials such as bleach in other containers other than their packaging and drinking them. Such items should not be kept in boxes other than their own. In addition, great care should be taken not to leave the cover open or loose. Because such mistakes do not become a momentary negligence. " warns.

Do not leave tubs full

Children love to play with water, but sometimes even a few inches of water in a large bowl can cause drowning. For this reason, water should not be kept in wide-mouthed containers, buckets and tubs in homes. It is also important that children up to the age of 10 are not left alone or with their siblings in places such as bathrooms and bathtubs.

Watch out for small-piece toys!

Especially in the first year of life, children discover objects around them with their mouths, so they bring every object they come across to their mouths. Small objects getting into the throat can lead to fatal situations. For this reason, he stated that care should be taken not to have small objects that they can put in their mouths on the ground and in areas that children can reach. Yasemin Eraslan Pınarcı “Toys that are divided into small pieces should not be bought. Objects such as safety pins and evil eye beads should not be attached to children's clothes. Children should not be given foods that can block the throat such as hazelnuts, peanuts and seeds until they are over the age of 3. " says.

Install protectors on outlets

Electrical outlets are also an attractive point for children who want to explore every point in the house. This makes them susceptible to electric shock. Protection of sockets and items such as hair dryer zamshould not be left plugged in at moments.

Matches and lighters should not be left exposed

Children who burn themselves while playing with matches or lighter or cause a fire are common. Flammable or fire-causing objects should definitely be kept in locked places out of the reach of children. It is important to control the on / off buttons of the oven and stoves with a child safety lock. In addition, meals should be cooked on the back of the stove and the handles of the pots and pans should be kept out of reach. Scald burns are also common household accidents due to the spillage of hot liquid foods as a result of pulling the tablecloths. Avoid the use of tablecloths for this. Also, do not keep containers full of boiling water in accessible places.

There is an increase in these accidents at home!

Dr. Yasemin Eraslan Pınarcı emphasizes that these accidents can be prevented to a great extent by taking simple precautions. Dr. Yasemin Eraslan Pınarcı stated that it is very important to have first aid kits and fire extinguishers in the houses; He also says that important phone numbers such as ambulance, fire brigade, police, poison information and information such as blood type and chronic diseases should be written on a card.

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