PARS 6 × 6 to be Delivered to Special Forces Command Displayed

Iraqi Defense Minister Jumaah Enad Saadoonn arrived in Ankara for official contacts on 28 December 2020. Minister of National Defense Hulusi Akar had a meeting with Iraqi Defense Minister Jumaah Enad Saadoon, where bilateral and regional defense and security issues, especially the fight against terrorism, were discussed. During Saadoonn's visit, he also visited FNSS facilities and received information about the products. In the video shared by the Iraqi Ministry of Defense regarding the trip, it is seen that the production of the first FNSS PARS 6 × 6 (MKKA) vehicle produced for the Special Forces Command is quite advanced.

The first assembly of the PARS 6 × 6 Mine Protected Vehicle (MMKA), which will be the first in the world, was made last year. Presidency Defense Industry President Prof. Dr. İsmail Demir: “We will deliver our Pars 6 × 6 Mine Protected Vehicle, which will be the first in the world, to the Turkish Armed Forces in 2021. We no longer care about finger swings from other countries. We continue on our way by overcoming all kinds of restrictions and obstacles with domestic production. " had found the explanation.

Stating that the vehicle can operate in all terrain conditions with its 6 × 6 mobility capability, Demir said, “After the qualification tests that will continue until the end of the year, all of our vehicles will be included in the inventory in 2021 and will be available to the Turkish Armed Forces for the first time. This vehicle, which has some features that we call the first in the world, also has a very high export potential. I hope this capable vehicle will be beneficial to our security forces and Turkish Armed Forces. We will start this process with 12 pieces. We hope it will continue with more products ”.

FNSS completes delivery of Pars III 8 × 8 and Pars III 6 × 6 armored vehicles to the Oman Army

One of the leading armored land vehicle manufacturers of the Turkish defense industry, FNSS Savunma Sistemleri A.Ş. In 2015, he signed a contract with the Royal Land Forces of Oman. The first Pars III 8 × 8 armored vehicles produced under the aforementioned contract were delivered to Oman in 2017. FNSS delivered a total of 8 armored vehicles, Pars III 8 × 6 and Pars III 6 × 172, to the Royal Land Forces of Oman. The last batch of deliveries took place in the Pars III 8 × 8 rescue armored vehicle configuration. With the completion of the deliveries, FNSS will carry out logistical support activities for Pars III 8 × 8 and Pars III 6 × 6 armored vehicles in the next period.

Source: defenceturk

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