Why Should We Get Covid-19 Vaccine Now?

with various conspiracy theories and absurd about the vaccine, those who endanger the people's future stating that we need not to listen Turkey Located Bayındır Healthcare Group in Isbank Group companies, flourishing Kavaklıdere Hospital of Infectious Diseases and Clinical Microbiology Department Prof. Dr. Levent Doğancı drew attention to the following: “Do not forget that the last 2 centurieszamThe incredible increase in the world's population was achieved by two major breakthroughs such as immunization (vaccination) and antibiotics. "

For nearly a year, the whole world has been grappling with an epidemic that affects all countries we call pandemics. CoV-2 (Covid-19), a new hybrid of the virus called Corona, which has been known for a long time, continues to seriously affect all countries with a deadly and widespread infection.

Effective and non-specific antiviral treatment for this epidemic can be no third way indicating that Turkey Bayindir Health Group Business Bank group of companies, flourishing Kavaklıdere Hospital Specialist Professor of Infectious Diseases and Clinical Microbiology Dr. Levent Doğancı said, “The first way is to end the epidemic by acquiring immunity of those who naturally encounter the virus and eventually survive in the epidemic that lasted for years. This virus, which is open to mutation as the second natural way, undergoes another major mutation and loses its ability to infect or disease from person to person and disappears like other coronaviruses. The mutation can also show a change that can make the virus much more deadly. zamThere may be a danger of extinction (albeit very unlikely) for humanity. However, it cannot be predicted how many years these natural events will cost humankind and how much social damage it may cause. As you can see, there is currently no other method that human beings can use to end this pandemic, other than immunity, which we will gain through vaccination. In other words, there is no alternative but to get vaccinated. " he spoke.

Attention to Information Pollution!

There are many medical cartels in the world, some of them multinational, that routinely produce vaccines and have the capacity to produce and develop a new vaccine. It is known that there is an incredible international competition and competition among them. One of the reasons why many parts of the society are confused is the unfounded information pollution fueled by this competition and spreading rapidly in the internet environment. Nations that cannot strategically develop their own human vaccine technologies, like our country, become the main targets of this information pollution. Prof. Dr. Levent Doğancı answered the curious questions during this period of intense information pollution about Covid-19 vaccines.

Which vaccine should be preferred?

The shortest answer to this question is the shortest zamNoting that there is a vaccine that can be accessed instantly and reliably, Prof. Dr. Doğancı said, “Information about vaccination studies is now closely followed by other people who are not healthcare professionals in a media environment. This situation does more harm than good in making vaccine decisions. "The current scientific data is not enough for us to make a comment about which company produced Covid-19 vaccine may be superior to the other."

How many days apart is it better to be vaccinated?

Stating that protection occurs within 14-21 days after the first vaccination, Prof. Dr. Levent Doğancı stated that a second vaccine was made in order to increase the effect and duration of this protection, thus the response of immune tissues and cells to their memory would be much stronger, “The aim of Covid-19 vaccines is to reach an effective level of antibodies as soon as possible. Immunity should also remain at a protective level for a while. In this respect, 28 days are predicted as an appropriate logical and scientific period. According to the response of the large masses to the vaccine, some changes are likely to occur during this period, "he said.

Can people over 60 be vaccinated without a study?

Stating that a person with a normal immune system until the age of 60, this system will not malfunction at once. Dr. According to Doğancı, this fear is very unwarranted. Stating that people at this age will have less antibody response to be induced by the vaccine as in many other vaccines, Doğancı added that those over the age of 60 should be vaccinated if they do not have a contraindication.

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