Curvature of the Nose Is Not Just A Problem Of Aesthetics


Nasal bone curvature, also known as deviation, is considered the most common reason for those who want to have plastic surgery among the public.

Today, developments in the field of health technologies facilitate nose surgeries as well as many operations. While the number of people who want to undergo nose surgery due to aesthetic concerns is increasing day by day, bone curvature is the main reason. Pointing out that there are misconceptions in the society that the problem of nasal bone curvature is a justification presented by those who want to hide their aesthetic concerns, Op. Dr. İbrahim Altoparlak said, “Nasal bone curvature is not just an aesthetic problem, it is a serious health problem that prevents the person from breathing and adversely affects the quality of life when necessary interventions are not made. Moreover, every zammay not be visible at the moment. As a matter of fact, the mask that entered our lives with the pandemic has been effective in realizing that many people have breathing problems and are diagnosed with nasal bone curvature, which we also call septum deviation. " said.

It can take many years to realize the problem

Stating that nasal bone curvature basically occurs with nasal congestion, Op.Dr. İbrahim Altoparlak said, “Deviation, as it is best known, occurs with nasal congestion that develops as a result of the sliding of the middle wall of the nose from the midline and causes health problems with loss of comfort and performance in the long term. Each zamSince the moment is not reflected in the external appearance of the nose, it can often be confused due to seasonal transitions or allergies. It may take many years to be noticed, especially since it causes mouth breathing during the night's sleep and resulting dry mouth. Same zamThere are also daytime symptoms such as general fatigue and headache, but these reasons do not bring the possibility of the problem to be caused by bone curvature. Since this directly affects breathing, we can say that the use of a mask at the point helps to reveal the problems of nasal bone curvature. " he spoke.

Pay attention to wrong nose aesthetics

Op.Dr. İbrahim Altoparlak pointed out that visuality is not the only goal in nasal aesthetic surgeries and warned that incorrect applications may cause post-operative breathing problems: “There are two purposes in rhinoplasty operations. These are healthy breathing and visuals. The priority is always healthy breath. Because, by keeping only visuality in the foreground, touching the nose structure of the patient and especially the nasal tunnels that are not suitable may cause breathing problems to develop while responding to the aesthetic expectations of the patient. Likewise, existing problems may not be solved for the same reasons in patients who have undergone an operation with a diagnosis of deviation. Therefore, it is very important to get support from ENT specialists.

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