Signs, Signs and Diagnosis of Microscopic Varicocelectomy

Dr. Statement about kidney reflux from Faculty Member Çağdaş Gökhun Özmerimanı. Varicocele is enlargement of the veins of the testicle in the form of varicose veins. These enlarged veins can be seen as purple colored varicose packs under the skin of the bag (scrotum) containing the testicles in advanced cases and can become noticeable manually. It is found in 15-20% of men, and in 40% of men who have the problem of inability to have children. Usually located on the left

Most men with varicocele do not have any complaints. There may be testicular pain that increases after standing too long or after physical activities. This pain is a blunt pain felt in the testicle and groin as if the weight was hanging.

It can also be detected by physical examination or ultrasonography during evaluations for infertility. With sperm analysis, one can have an idea about the negative effects of varicocele on the sperm production function of the testis.

Surgery (subinguinal microscopic varicocelectomy)

Al-Kandari et al. In their study comparing open inguinal, laparoscopic and subinguinal microscopic varicocelectomy surgeries, it was observed that sperm motility results and pregnancy rates were better with microscopic surgery. It has also been stated that the recurrence rate is less in microscopic surgery.

The operation is performed under regional or general anesthesia by reaching the testicular veins through an approximately 3-4 cm incision in the groin area.After separating the arteries and lymphatics with an advanced microscope, all varricous veins are ligated and excised. You can go home the same day after the operation, but it is necessary to rest for a few days.

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