Personal Hygiene A Essential Health Investment

Orkid, to draw attention to the importance of personal hygiene, Gynecology and Obstetrics Specialist Dr. Lecturer Ü. She is signing an informative study with Esra Özbaşlı.

P & G's leading feminine care brand Orchid, 16 January Hygiene Day on occasion Dr. Lecturer Ü. Esra Ozbasli launched an information campaign with. Informing women on various platforms within the scope of the campaign and stating that they will continue awareness studies in this field with the brand, Dr. Lecturer Ü. Özbaşlı conveys the points women should pay attention to in order to maintain their personal hygiene.

While the pandemic changes the daily routine of many people the same zamStating that it causes changes in people's diet, exercise frequency and personal hygiene habits, Dr. Lecturer Ü. Özbaşlı states that genital cleaning is a basic health investment under all circumstances. Dr. Lecturer Ü. Some of Esra Özbaşlı's for women personal hygiene advice as follows:

  1. Correct cleaning of the genital area after toilet and washing the hands before and after.
  2. Absolutely avoiding vaginal frequent washing and vaginal douching.
  3. Not using products such as soap and shower gel for genital cleaning.
  4. Preferring cotton underwear.
  5. Not using pads that feel moist.
  6. Changing pads as often as necessary during the menstrual period.
  7. Preferring pads with high absorption power for night use
  8. Consulting a physician without delay in any problem.

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