Strengthen Your Immunity With Water In Winter

Noting that water consumption decreases with the effect of snow affecting the country and this weakens the immune system of the body, experts say that for a strong defense against diseases, it is necessary to drink enough water from the right source.

In order to balance the pH of the blood and to strengthen the immune system, it is recommended to prefer alkaline waters with a pH above 7.4.

An important part of the immune system, it is very important to get enough water that gives life to cells from the right source. Experts agree on making a habit of drinking at least 2 liters of water every day for a long and quality life.

Noting that the body's need for water always continues, Nutrition and Diet Specialist Berrin Yiğit said, “We need to strengthen our defense system in order to cope with many problems such as colds, flu, high fever, sore throat and headache, especially during seasonal transitions. At this point, water is one of the most important and should never be neglected healing that nature offers us. Therefore, we should never neglect our water consumption as the temperatures decrease, and we should prefer alkaline water with a pH above 7.4 in order to balance the pH of the blood and to strengthen our immune system ”.

Water enriched with vitamin minerals to support the immune system is important.

Emphasizing the importance of enriching water with vitamin minerals that will support the immune system, Yiğit said that a stronger defense against viruses and bacteria can be provided with extra D and B vitamins added from the natural spring water, except for magnesium, calcium and potassium.

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