Hypertension Can Cause Growth Retardation in Children


Hypertension, which is thought to be an adult problem, is increasingly detected in children today. Pediatric Nephrology Specialist, who pointed out that it can develop in childhood without any symptoms, as in primary hypertension. Ruhan Intellectual emphasized that especially overweight obese children are at high risk for hypertension. Accordingly, he warned that the presence of head, visual impairment and general symptoms in children with symptomatic hypertension may lead to growth retardation.

Recent rapid studies show about 3-5 words of hypertension in children. This problem, which is extremely important, not adults, progresses differently from adults in childhood. Pediatric Nephrology Specialist Prof. Dr. According to Ruhan Dusünsel himself, about 90 percent of adult hypertension cases have no cause. However, risks such as obesity, smoking, malnutrition (salty, fatty, high calorie), familial predisposition are mentioned. This group of hypertension is called primary (primary) hypertension. 10 of the hypertension cases face to face is called counter (secondary) hypertension with a pending disease. In contrast, 15 percent have primary hypertension, and the remaining 85 have residual hypertension.


Pointing out that hypertension in children is not noticed by the literature, Dr. Ruhan Intellectual, "Continuous headache, dizziness, fainting, nosebleeds, snoring in sleep, blurry vision," the physician should be consulted, we said.


Pointing out that many other factors, from malnutrition and sedentary lifestyle to stress, can pose a risk for hypertension, Yeditepe University Kozyatağı Hospital Pediatric Nephrology Specialist Prof. Dr. Ruhan Intellectual, “Exam stress causes an increase in blood lines in emotional situations such as other stresses, fear, excitement and joy in daily life. He said that it is risky against hypertension due to long time and junk food snacks at the desk in children who are examples of high school and university exams.


Pointing out that the incidence of primary hypertension has also increased with the increase of obesity in recent years, Prof. Dr. Ruhan Intellectual, provided the following information for hypertension information written for children:

“It is not possible to say a single value as the hypertension limit in childhood as in adults. However, percentile tables prepared according to age, gender and height are used in the definition of hypertension as well as standard curves and tables used in the height and weight monitoring of children and adolescents in the 0-18 age range. See it; Values ​​of the 90th percentile are normal, between the 90th and 95th percentile high blood is called medicine or prehypertension, and above 95 as hypertension. "


Stating that the rate of obesity has doubled all over the world in 30-40 years, Prof. Dr. Ruhan Intellectual added that the obesity rate in 1975 was 0,7 percent for girls and 0,9 percent for boys in 2016, but by 5,6, these rates increased from 7,8 percent for girls to 20 percent for boys. “These numbers may seem low, but it should not be overlooked that these numbers constitute a significant portion of what we call obesity. That is why, when the overweight situation is multiplied, these rates rise to 30-XNUMX percent, ”said Prof. Dr. Ruhan Intellectual, emphasized that in recent studies conducted in our country, it was found that obese and overweight in school age children were observed at similar rates.


Childhood obesity and hypertension can cause bigger problems in later ages. It causes the development of many diseases such as cardiovascular diseases, insulin resistance, type 2 diabetes, fatty disease, psychological and orthopedic problems, sleep disorders. Reminding that the primary cause of loss of life today is heart attack, brain hemorrhage and stroke, Yeditepe University Hospital Pediatric Nephrology Specialist Prof. Dr. Ruhan Düşünnsel said, “Therefore, we, physicians, primarily recommend and care about losing weight. We call this non-pharmacological treatment or lifestyle regulation. Losing weight is not easy, however, routine exercise and success are achieved. At this stage, families should set an example for their children, and children should be introduced to activity and nutritional habits at an early age for a healthy life. He spoke.

Families are measured and their body measurements are calculated in order to consult a physician with suspicion of hypertension in their children. For abdominal obesity, the abdominal circumference and height ratio should be determined. Children with a body mass index below 85 percent are considered normal. Between 85 and 95 percent are considered overweight and over 95 percent are considered obese. Underlining that obesity can lead to hypertension and cardiovascular diseases, Prof. Dr. Ruhan Dusünsel added the urgent words of such excess weight.

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