Will Eşrefpaşa Hospital Be Sold? Here is the answer to those allegations

The allegations that the AK Party MKYK member and İzmir Deputy Mr. Mahmut Atilla Kaya made his social media account and reported by some media outlets that Eşrefpaşa Hospital of İzmir Metropolitan Municipality will be sold do not reflect the truth.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, Turkey's only municipal hospitals and there is no intention to sell the idea as Eşrefpaşa Hospital, no zamhas not been in the moment.

Apart from selling this distinguished institution, which has served the city and the city for 113 years, Tunç Soyer, Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality, as a requirement of the public and labor-oriented stance and the understanding of democratic and social municipalism, the main goal is to further enlarge and develop Eşrefpaşa Hospital.

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