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Birthdays are special days whose first celebration dates back to ancient Egypt and then took shape for hundreds of years and reached today in this form. When you take your first step to life in the hospital in our age, notes are kept from day to second, and the first year and the next ones are celebrated on the same day, sometimes at the time of birth. Now births take place in the hospital, informed notes are kept and birthdays are made more and more valuable. So what was going on before birthdays were celebrated? Thousands of years ago, when people stopped celebrating their birthdays, the day of their death was celebrated while the date of birth did not even need to be noted. The days of death were celebrated because they were considered sacred at that time. Of course these are special days zamFor moments it was only valid for the families of nobles and rulers. According to known records, the person who celebrated the first birthday was the ancient Egyptian queen Cleopatra. The ritual of making cake and blowing candles, which is one of the basic parts of this tradition, which goes back 5000 years on average, dates back to the ancient Greeks. Celebrations made for the ancient Greek goddess Artemis on the 6th day of each month were held 12 times a year, and the cakes were prepared in the form of different celestial bodies, as Artemis was known as the moon goddess, and wishes were sent to Artemis while candles were erected and while blowing the candle. Your loved ones best birthday gift At

 Birthdays and surprise experiences

Today, birthdays are usually celebrated with cake, but people make room for innovations and differences here, too, and sew candles on burgers, baklava, and even cigkofte. Novelty is not only in the tradition of cake for birthday, now people desire the most different for gifts, trying to create something new. is starting a new era in giveaways! creates a new sense of pleasure that you will receive from the gift, as the familiar gifts are no longer special and are too cliched. These events and experiences were of course pre-Bodo, but allows you to access them all on a single platform. In addition, these types of activities were generally not considered as gifts because they were not presented in the form of gifts, but Bodo offers you categories that you can benefit from perfectly by deploying each individual according to their location and proximity and determining their common interests according to statistics. Moreover, we have special categories for certain special days you want to shop. 

Birthday gift ideas

Wouldn't '' Boeing 737 Flight Simulator '' be a blowing gift for your boyfriend's birthday? Most unusual birthday gifts on! Wouldn't a small holiday, where you can spend time with each other as a family and have fun, wouldn't be the best birthday present for your daughter's birthday in the winter? '' Weekend Hot Spring Vacation for the Family ''. Bodo enables you to have a magnificent celebration by surprising your birthday at the maximum level with innovative gift ideas and surprise experiences for the birthdays of your mother, siblings, friends, father, husband or wife, children, lover in short. 

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