Kluge Director of WHO Europe to Turkey Greeting

Health Minister Dr. Fahrettin Koca, World Health Organization (WHO) Regional Director for Europe Dr. He held a video conference meeting with Hans Kluge. cases increased in Europe during the meeting, mutations in the coronavirus, discussed the current situation in Turkey and vaccine studies.

Thanking Turkey for the WHO's recommendations follow European Director Kluge, "President Erdogan's activities and leadership sees appreciated by all countries. I would like to congratulate you on your strong data and information delivery system. Same zamCurrently conducted vaccine studies in Turkey, the rapid diagnostic kits work and I congratulate the virus genome to increase the scope of work that you have made about the sequence, "he said.

The share recent data into account the decline in the number of cases in Turkey and attracting Ministers husband, said:

“We have entered a period in which the number of cases gradually increases in Europe and on the contrary is decreasing. In particular, we do not compromise on fast testing, isolation and contact tracking. Our radiation team number consists of 3 thousand teams, each consisting of 16 people. Currently, we do not have 16 thousand daily cases. In other words, there is not even 1 patient for 1 team. We do not want to reduce this number because we think the next 2-3 months are important. We do not want to reduce the number of our filection team unless we do widespread vaccination. Our bed capacity is at an important level. Our number of empty beds is increasing day by day. "

Emphasizing that they have determined vaccine distribution plans and gave information about local vaccine studies, Minister Koca said, “We have come a long way in terms of developing our own vaccine. 13 vaccine studies conducted in my country are also included in the lists published by WHO. a research and development unit attached to the Ministry of Turkey within the first indigenous vaccine development and clinical stage supported by a very short Institutes of Health zam“I think we will complete it in a moment”.

Koca and Kluge, who also exchanged views on the mutation that emerged in the UK, agreed to share strong information about the anxiety-causing development. They followed close to the subject, and new mutations to delay coming to Turkey all the necessary work conducted that the Minister emphasized husband, "some travel measures concerning the countries mutation seen and we have implemented quarantine measures from these countries. I would like to state that we have encountered this mutation in 15 of the people we have kept under quarantine so far. "We will continue to share the results in order to contribute to global cooperation by increasing the sequencing of the cases in our country in the upcoming period."

Kluge stated that there is no indication that the mutation in the virus increases mortality rates or aggravates the disease, but contagiousness has increased. For this reason, Kluge stated that they recommend increasing public health measures and accelerating vaccination efforts all over the world.

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