Analyzes of CoronaVac Covid-19 Vaccine Are Made in Laboratories of the Ministry of Health

After the Covid-19 vaccine developed by the Sinovac company was brought to our country, analysis studies started on the same day.

The first batch of CoronaVac vaccines brought to Ankara on the morning of December 30, was placed in the Ministry of Health Public Health Medicine and Vaccine Warehouses. Samples of the vaccine cold chain analysis for making Turkey Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Agency (TİTCK) were sent to the laboratory.

The analysis of the samples is carried out in accordance with the routine quality control processes applied all over the world. Analyzes control the expected quality, effectiveness and reliability of the vaccine if it is stored and applied under conditions defined by the company throughout its shelf life. During the analysis process, it is checked whether the formulation structure of the vaccine has changed. At the end of this process, it is determined that the vaccine's production properties are preserved, it will have the expected effect and that it is safe. If it is found appropriate after the tests that will take at least 14 days, the vaccine will be put into use by giving an "Emergency Use Approval" by TITCK.

Turkey Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Agency TİTCK Laboratories Laboratories, the international counterpart institutions and organizations are recognized and accredited National Control Laboratory. All vaccines included in the vaccination calendar of the Ministry of Health and licensed in our country are analyzed in these laboratories. Apart from vaccines, quality control tests of all medicines, enteral nutrition products and medical foods, medical devices, biocidal products that come into contact with the human body and cosmetics are also carried out in these laboratories.

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