China to Complete Its Third Aircraft Carrier This Year

The Global Times newspaper published the news that China's third aircraft carrier will be ready in 2021. Satellite photographs of a new Chinese aircraft carrier at the Jiangnan Changxing shipyards were published on the WeChat account of the "Ordnance Industry Science Technology" magazine.

According to China's English-language Global Times, although no official comments have been made on this issue, there are many signs that the Type 003 third aircraft carrier will be completed within a few months. While officials prefer to keep quiet about the ship in the assembly phase, some sources say the Type 003 ship will be larger than China's second aircraft carrier, Shandong. Experts state that the ship will have a volume to displace 100 tons of water underwater. This measure is up to 80 thousand tons for the Kitty Hawk class American ships and it is at the level of 42 thousand 500 tons for the French aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle.

The Type 003 will also be equipped with an electromagnetic catapult / launch system, unlike the other two Chinese aircraft carriers equipped with the classic launch lane before it. Another characteristic of the new ship is that it has a nuclear propulsion feature.

Source: China International Radio

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