Nose Filling Or Nose Aesthetic Surgery?

Rhinoplasty is among the widely performed aesthetic operations. In these operations, filling applications have been carried out in the form of non-surgical applications using modern techniques and technologies in recent years.

How is the nose filling aesthetics preserved longer? How should be treated after aesthetics? Associate Professor Doctor Tayfun Türkaslan gives information about how to preserve nose filling aesthetics for longer

Rhinoplasty, most commonly known as aesthetic nose surgery, is the process of reshaping and correcting the appearance of the nose caused by hereditary unpleasant shape, injury or accidental deformations. The purpose of rhinoplasty is to create a functional nose that is compatible with the other features of the face and has a natural appearance that allows you to breathe comfortably. The results of a natural aesthetic nose surgery will help you develop positive feelings about your self-state.

Is Rhinoplasty Right for Me?

In order to have a rhinoplasty surgery, you are asked to be a healthy individual in general. The most suitable candidates for rhinoplasty surgery can be evaluated in three categories:

1) Appearance: Most women or men who have decided to have a rhinoplasty surgery want this procedure to achieve a more beautiful appearance. The following are among the most common reasons why patients seek this surgery:

  • The nose looks too big for the whole face,
  • The emergence of nasal dorsal curvature during profile view,
  • When viewed from the front, the nose looks very wide,
  • Sagging or falling nose tip,
  • Thick or wide nose tip,
  • Very wide nostrils
  • Nose deviation that appears to the right or left, sometimes in an "S" shape from both sides,
  • An unpleasant appearance from a previous surgery (secondary surgery) performed at another center,
  • An asymmetrical nose caused by a previous injury.

After the operation, patients are extremely satisfied with their general appearance and their self-confidence increases significantly. It has been revealed in various scientific studies that this fact contributes positively to the social and professional lives of patients.

2) Injury: If you have been injured in an accident that caused nasal deformity, rhinoplasty may be performed to help you regain the old appearance of your nose significantly.

3) Respiration: Respiratory problems can be solved with rhinoplasty and / or septoplasty, especially in patients with narrow nasal cavities caused by severe deviation.

Things to Consider After the Operation

You should not eat or drink anything for a while after the operation. What will the nurses tell you during your stay in the hospital? zamIt will tell you that you can start drinking water at the moment. You should start drinking water in the 4th hour following the operation. You can start taking solid foods gradually at the 6th hour. (You can consume all kinds of food at 8th hour and after). You should be careful not to open your mouth excessively (by force) in the first month. Chewing food will not hurt your nose. You can chew gum. It is recommended that you consume plenty of water within the first 24 hours after starting to drink water.

  • After the operation, you should walk with a nurse and attendant as soon as possible (when the nurses tell you that you can measure your blood pressure and walk smoothly). It is also recommended that you move your legs and feet while lying on the bed. The more you walk during your stay in the hospital, the more you eliminate the risk of thrombus formation in the leg veins, which is one of the risks of anesthesia accompanying all operations. Therefore, as a safety measure, a specific machine is operated on your legs during your operation.
  • - It is recommended to apply ice to both eyes within the first 24 hours after surgery and to change it every 2 hours. You can take a ten-minute break from applying ice every hour. The simplest way to apply ice is to put the ice cubes in two examination gloves, connect them together, and then place them in your eyes. Alternatively, you can use cold gel packs. However, since these materials heat up very quickly, you will have to change them more often. These applications minimize swelling and bruises that may occur.
  • Some patients may have a mild nasal leak within the first 24 hours after surgery. This is normal and you shouldn't have to worry. The day after discharge, you can completely remove the gauze placed in the tip of your nose to absorb the leakage.
  • Before touching your nose or inside each zamDon't forget to wash your hands carefully. If possible, please use disinfectant.
  • You can make up after the first bath. However, it is recommended that you do not touch the makeup material with the tapes. You can tear the outer part of your eyebrows 2 days after the operation and the middle part after 2 weeks.

The most accurate information about how to behave after aesthetic operations is of course given by your doctor. It is extremely important to never go out of the doctor's instructions and to follow the rules exactly. It should also be added that these applications are medical applications. It is not appropriate to perform these applications outside of the clinical setting.

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