BMC's New 8 × 8 Armored Combat Vehicle Appears

The new 8 × 8 armored combat vehicle (ZMA), which is being developed by BMC, also came to the fore for the first time at the Delivery Ceremony of the New Generation Three Storm Howitzer, attended by Minister of National Defense Hulusi Akar.

Minister Akar, who received information about the 400-hp Vuran, 600-hp Azra and 1000-hp Utku engines used in the Storm howitzer, participated in engine tests, and made the 6th body source of the new generation Storm howitzer, which is still in production.

BMC has not yet made an official statement about the 8 × 8 ACV it developed. It is estimated that the ZMA, which is thought to weigh around 30 tons, will use the 600 hp Azra engine developed by BMC.

On the vehicle shown at the ceremony is the Korhan tower developed by ASELSAN. Korhan uses a 35 mm weapon system with the ability to use particle ammunition. Designed by ASELSAN for the combat concepts of the future, Korhan has been developed for tracked and wheeled platforms. In addition, there is a Weapon Position Detection System - SPOT system on the turret.

SPOT (Weapon Position Detection System): It is a system that detects the direction and range of supersonic bullet shots from sniper rifle type weapons with high accuracy. It has a suitable design for on-vehicle, gun turret and single-arm wearable. The system is very small compared to similar products and has superior detection performance.

It is estimated that BMC has developed 8 × 8 ACV for the New Generation Light Armored Vehicles (YNHZA) Project. Within the scope of the YNHZA project, it is planned to supply 6 tracked and wheeled (6 × 8 and 8 × 52) 2962 types of vehicles. In this context, it will not be surprising for BMC to work on and / or introduce a palletized ACV design.

Within the scope of the New Generation Light Armored Vehicles Project, the Land Forces Command was equipped with advanced command and control systems with increased armor protection level and range of motion, and defeated the enemy.zam52 light armored wheeled vehicles (2962X6 and 6X8) and light armored tracked vehicles of 8 different types in different configurations with active and passive protection systems that can detect fire from a distance and put them under fire with appropriate weapon systems through automatic firing systems will be supplied.

Source: defenceturk

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