Black Hawk Helicopter Carrying National Guards Crashed in USA

UH-60 Black Hawk type general purpose helicopter crashed, produced by Sikorsky, which carries the National Guard security forces of the United States of America's New York State.

On Wednesday, January 20, 2021, 3 crew members died in the accident that occurred in the town of Mendon, south of the city of Rochester, New York state.

It was reported that the UH-60 helicopter belonging to the National Guard made a routine medical evacuation training flight. In the statement made by the National Guard, it was stated that the helicopter was attached to the Army Aviation Support Unit at Rochester International Airport and was assigned to the First Battalion C Division 171st General Support Aviation Battalion. “The news of the crash of the New York National Guard helicopter in Mendon Town, where three of New York's bravest people were killed, devastated me,” said Governor Andrew M. Cuomo in a statement regarding the accident.

US Army commits first UH-60V Black Hawk helicopter

The first Sikorsky UH-60 Black Hawk helicopter, upgraded to the UH-60V standard, entered service by the US Army in October 2020. With the U.S. Army converting 2.000 of the approximately 760 Black Hawk helicopters into a UH-60V configuration, the service has an ultimate goal of using the 1.375 UH-60M and 760 UH-60V platforms when the program is complete. The main difference between a UH-60M and a UH-60V helicopter is that the UH-60M model has thicker main rotor blades, while the UH-60V model has slightly thinner wings that the original UH-60A model from which it was derived.

Source: defenceturk

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