REMOTE UKSTs to be Delivered to Malaysia by ASELSAN Displayed

A contract for the 30mm MUHAFIZ Remote Controlled Stabilized Gun System, Precision Stabilized Router and 12.7mm Machine Gun was signed between ASELSAN and a shipyard in Malaysia to be integrated into the boats to be produced under the needs of the Malaysian Coast Guard Command. ASELSAN carried out the installation, integration and tests of the 2017mm MUHAFIZ System on Malaysian coast guard boats in 30. The contract in question is important for the increasing continuation of ASELSAN's weapon system exports to the Southeast Asia region. Deliveries under the contract were planned to be completed between 2019-2020, but the images reflected to the public show that the production of the systems continues. Deliveries are planned to be completed in 2021.

Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama, the Vice President in his visit to Turkey was a guest at the Defense Industry Chairman Fuat Oktay and of itself to the point where the Turkish defense industry, and discusses potential activities. After the SSB visit, Prime Minister Rami paid a visit to ASELSAN with Vice President Fuat Oktay. In the images shared during the visit, 30mm MUHAFIZ Remote Controlled Stabilized Gun System, which is being produced by ASELSAN for the Malaysian Coast Guard Command, was displayed.

Currently, the Turkish Naval Forces Command, the Coast Guard Command, Land Force Command and the Police Headquarters located Aselsan Remote Controlled inventory Weapon Systems was chosen by the Armed Forces of the total 20 countries except Turkey.


MUHAFIZ System is a stabilized weapon system with automatic target tracking feature and modular structure, which can be attached to a Thermal Camera, TV Camera and Laser Distance Measuring device, can be remotely controlled via the weapon control unit. The MUHAFIZ system enables the detection of targets that cannot be seen with the naked eye at night and in negative vision conditions, automatic recognition of targets, tracking and shooting at these targets.

The turret has been stabilized so that the optical sight and gun sight line remain on the target without being affected by the movements of the platform on which the system is mounted. In addition, MUHAFIZ System has a Precision Stabilized Router (HSY) mounted on its turret, capable of moving independently of the turret in the lateral and elevation axes. Thanks to HSY, it is possible to perform effective hits by keeping the electro-optic units on the target even during the ballistic correction applied to the weapon during shooting at long distances.

The 30mm Mk44 Bushmaster-II cannon, which has the ability to feed ammunition in two directions, is used as a weapon in the MUHAFIZ System, and different ammunition can be loaded for different mission needs. The MUHAFIZ System calculates the speed and route of the target with its automatic target tracking feature, and applies automatic ballistic correction during firing by including meteorological conditions, ammunition type and target distance information.


  • Turret Weight: 1250 kg (including gun and 150 ammunition)
  • Gun: 30mm Mk44 Bushmaster-II
  • Rate of Fire: 200 beats / minute
  • Ammunition Feeding: Bi-Directional
  • Ammunition Capacity: 2 x 75 pieces
  • Weapon Elevation Axis Movement Limits: -15 ° / + 55 °
  • Weapon Side Axis Movement Limits: 160 ° (no slip collar) / nx 360 ° (with slip collar)
  • Weapon Angular Rotation Speed ​​(max.): 60 ° / s
  • EO Elevation Axis Travel Limits: -15 ° / + 55 °
  •  EO Side Axis Movement Limits: 10 ° (relative to the weapon)
  • EO Angular Rotation Speed ​​(max.): 60 ° / s
  • Power Supply: 28 VDC or 220 VAC

Source: defenceturk

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