Tactical Local Area Network System Delivery from ASELSAN to Land Forces

The acceptance of the delivery of the first phase of the New Mobile System project, carried out under the contract signed between the Ministry of National Defense (MSB) and ASELSAN, was completed in August 2017, the second phase in April 2018 and the third and final phase delivery in December 2020.

Delivered within the scope of the New Mobile System Project, the Tactical Local Area Network System (TAYAS) was developed to meet the Local Area Network (LAN) communication requirement of the Land Forces Command in the tactical field.

Thanks to the TAYAS System, when the Land Forces personnel leave their troop barracks and enter the tactical field, they can reach KaraNET from the temporary headquarters consisting of tents and continue to receive the service they receive in the barracks. The system includes software and hardware installed in the local area (LAN) that enables the command control and information systems used by the Land Forces Command in the battlefield to communicate with TAFICS installed in the strategic field, TASMUS installed in the tactical field and satellite systems.

With the TAYAS project, the Land Forces Command has been given the ability to communicate with encrypted Wi-Fi in the tactical field, which it did not have before, and which is unique in the world. At the end of the project, a secure and high-capacity local area network communication system was introduced to the tactical use of the units belonging to the Land Forces Command. Encrypted wireless network devices (encrypted wireless network access device (KKAC), encrypted wireless terminal device (TKABC) and related wireless network management software) developed by ASELSAN can be evaluated in various new projects for the needs of land, air and naval forces.


TAYAS is a system developed to meet the wired and wireless Local Area Network communication requirement in the tactical field. The system includes software and hardware installed locally, which enables Command Control and Information Systems used in the battlefield to communicate with TAFICS at strategic level, TASMUS at tactical level and Satellite Systems in space.

TAYAS is a local area network (LAN) system that can be used by the Corps and Brigade-level troops on the battlefield, wired, wireless or both to back up each other. In the system, there is a Server Vehicle that carries the communication infrastructure for each unit and Command Vehicles that communicate with each other and with the outside world by connecting to this vehicle (wired or wireless if desired). The number of Command Vehicles is determined by the size of the troop (the number of Command Post in an alliance) and usually ranges from 5 to 7 per unit. In addition, Mobile Users with portable computers can communicate by connecting to the system. Wireless communication is protected by crypto at the National Confidentiality degree. For this purpose, an Encrypted Wireless Network Device, an Encrypted Terminal Network Connection Device and the related Wireless Network Management Software were originally developed by ASELSAN; Developed devices are certified at the National Confidential level.

TAYAS System Components

TAYAS; Vehicle Server Set, Network Connection Set, Encrypted Wireless Network Device (KKAC), Terminal Wireless Network Connection Device (TKABC), Portable Display Set, Wired and Wireless Network Management Software, Portable computers for Mobile Users, Antenna Masts and Cable with various Connection Cables It consists of Seti. Various shelves, bags and mechanical connection materials are also used in the system for in-vehicle placement, assembly and fixation.

Server Tools include Vehicle Server Set, Portable Display Set, Height Adjustable Antenna Mast and Wired / Wireless Local Area Network Software. There are Network Connection Set and Height Adjustable Antenna Mast in Command Vehicles. Network Connection Sets are placed in the Portable Cabin and can be taken out of the vehicle and operated in the tent if the unit is used as a Command Post.

Mobile users can use the system by establishing an encrypted Wi-Fi connection with KKACs with the help of TKABCs that they attach to the USB Port of their portable computers.

Tool Server Kit

Vehicle Server Set, which constitutes the system center of TAYAS, is installed in the shelter in the Server Tool. One of these vehicles is given to each unit. Users in the Union (in the local area) can exchange data and share files from the systems in the Tool Server set and access the wide area network through these systems. The Tool Server Set includes Server, Firewall / Attack Prevention Device, Router, ETHERNET Switches, KKAC and Uninterruptible Power Supply.

Network Connection Set

It is the component that allows Command Places to access TAYAS by connecting to the Server Tool together with its Wired and Mobile Users. The connection can be established via Cable or Encrypted Wi-Fi Communication. The Network Connection Sets are placed in the Portable Cabinet and can be easily removed from the Command Vehicles, moved to another vehicle or used in a tent. Network Connection Set includes ETHERNET Switch, KKAC and Uninterruptible Power Supply.

Encrypted Wireless Network Device (KKAC) and Encrypted Wi-Fi Terminal Device (TKABC)

KKAC and TKABC were designed and produced to create the wireless network infrastructure of TAYAS together with the related Network Management Software.

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