China: We Will Continue to Accelerate the Nuclear Disarmament Process


China's Foreign Ministry has announced that China will continue to accelerate the process of nuclear disarmament. Hua Chunying, Spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, said at the daily press conference that China understands the demands of non-nuclear countries to advance the nuclear disarmament process.

“From the first day that China has a nuclear weapon, it has been involved in the initiative for a comprehensive ban and complete destruction of nuclear weapons. zamIt also always complies with the principle of not being the first party to use it at any time. China has also pledged not to use or threaten to use nuclear weapons against non-nuclear weapons countries and territories, and maintains its nuclear power to the minimum required by national security. This is a basic policy implemented by the Chinese government. With concrete actions, China will contribute to maintaining global strategic stability and accelerating the process of international arms control and disarmament.”

Hua Chunying said, "China will neither accept, sign nor ratify this agreement, as the agreement undermines the international nuclear disarmament and non-proliferation system established on the basis of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty." "China will strive to maintain stability with the global strategic balance and build a world free of nuclear weapons by accelerating the nuclear disarmament process rationally, concretely and efficiently. "We are ready to make constructive communication with countries that do not have nuclear weapons on this issue," he said.

Source: China International Radio

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