Stop Your Menstrual Problems with FOREO UFO


Increasing acne, dullness, excessive oily or dryness… Many women have to deal with these problems during their menstrual period. Proper nutrition, exercise and a little extra care for your skin help you get through this period more easily. With UFO, the smart mask therapy device offered by Swedish beauty technology brand FOREO, it is both providing the care your skin needs in this period and making a great investment for the future of your beauty.

Menstrual period affects women both physically and mentally due to the changing hormone level. During this period, many changes such as headaches, irritability, fatigue, stress and increased appetite can be seen in women. During this period when estrogen, testosterone and progesterone hormones reach their lowest levels, skin problems are also experienced. These hormonal imbalances can lead to the deterioration of the oil and moisture balance of the skin, acne and blackheads
It can cause sensitivity and dryness. This is exactly why we need to take better care of ourselves and our skin during this period. Paying attention to our diet and relaxing physically and mentally with light exercises help us to pass the period more comfortably. Swedish beauty technology brand FOREO, with its smart mask therapy device UFO, relaxes your skin and provides the care it needs in this sensitive period. This superior device, which is a breakthrough in the beauty industry, offers you the opportunity to invest in the future of your skin.

Reduce salt and increase water consumption

Swedish beauty technology brand FOREO is also the smartest investment you will make in the future of your skin by combining dermal technologies developed with the smart mask therapy device UFO with exclusive mask formulas. The most important difference of UFO, which carries the treatments offered in beauty and SPA centers to your home, is that it offers a more effective care than a 20-minute paper mask in just seconds ... 78% of those who experience this unique product feel their skin feels softer and nourished, 72% and it's more resilient, 63 percent say it looks firmer, revitalized, and skin tone is evened. In addition, it ensures that the skin care products such as serum, gel and cream you use are better absorbed by your skin, allowing you to get maximum efficiency from your skin care products. When the device is synchronized with the "FOREO For You" application, which can be downloaded to smart phones, the program suitable for the mask you use automatically activates and offers the most appropriate care for your skin needs.

The Farm to Face mask collection, which works in integration with the smart mask therapy device UFO, revitalizes your skin with the power of nature. The oil-free Matte Maniac mask formula, which is an extremely intense blend of active ingredients, uses the purifying power of charcoal for a clean, healthy-looking skin, allowing you to get a matte skin despite the oily skin problem that occurs during menstruation. Vegan mask Coconut Oil mask, on the other hand, offers a solution to the dryness of your skin, while the natural coconut oil and coconut water from Indonesia deeply moisturizes the skin and restores its radiance. Coconut Oil mask gives shine and smoothness to the skin thanks to coconut oil, which is a natural source of moisture. With the Green Tea mask, it gently purifies the skin and prevents acne formation. It offers a healthy, natural and radiant skin. The masks in the Farm to Face collection tested by dermatologists; It does not contain sulfate, SLS, SLES, parabens, formaldehyde, formaldehyde substances, phthalates, mineral oil, retinyl palmitate.

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