4 in XNUMX People Experience Irreversible Vision Loss in Pandemic

One of the most neglected issues in the coronavirus period is eye health. However, not seeing a doctor for fear of disease transmission during this process causes irreversible vision loss. Professor of Memorial Şişli Hospital Eye Health Department. Dr. Abdullah Özkaya gave information about the eye problems that need the most attention in the coronavirus pandemic.

Do not neglect your eye health in this process.

It affects all the world and Turkey and the effects can bring together the many health problems still ongoing coronavirus. One of these problems is the ones related to the eye. What is remarkable is that the patient group, who had to undergo intraocular injection therapy, experienced irreversible vision loss since March. It is estimated that an average of one in four patients suffers from severe vision loss. It is known that patients with diabetic macular edema, diabetic retinopathy and yellow spot experience visual problems due to delay in treatment. For this reason, all patients who need any kind of intraocular injection treatment with yellow spot, diabetic retinopathy should apply to ophthalmologists without delaying their treatment.

Retinal tears should be intervened early

With these problems, it is important that the treatment of retinal ruptures is done within one week at the latest. If retinal tears are not repaired in a short time, they spread to the entire retina and vision loss occurs. If early treatment is not taken, this turns into detachment, that is, the retina is separated. This situation causes permanent vision loss. Tears in the retina manifest themselves with symptoms such as light flashing, sudden vision loss, seeing objects big or small, and flying flies. Knowing these symptoms and zamGoing to the ophthalmologist instantly prevents permanent blindness. In this process, symptoms such as redness in the eye, sudden loss of vision, stinging, and clouding are serious complaints. Even burr zamIt can cause problems if not treated immediately.

Stress can impair eye health

One of the biggest problems in the coronavirus era is stress. Stress is the enemy of both the body and the eyes. For example, Central Serous Retinopathy may develop due to triggered stress. When the stress is high in this problem, the retina is negatively affected. Fluid leaks into the subretinal area and if this fluid is not cleared, a decrease in central vision may occur. It is one of the common problems in people who get angry, smoke, and experience excessive stress in this process. In other words, coronavirus stress negatively affects eye health in this respect.

Be sure to follow the 20- 20- 20 rule.

In addition, there may be adaptation problems in vision during the coronavirus pandemic process. Many people work at home on a computer, and students receive education with a phone or tablet. This can cause adaptation problems in near vision. By changing the shape of the eye lens when looking at objects closer than 6 meters and increasing its refraction from a disc shape to a spherical shape, it can be called adaptation in seeing to provide a clearer vision. However, devices such as mobile phones and tablets require a distance of less than 6 meters. The human eye, on the other hand, is programmed to see more than 6 meters. Therefore, when looking closer than 6 meters for a long time, adaptation problems may occur. This can cause asthenopia, ie eye strain. Such persons should be given harmony glasses known as relaxing. In addition, those who will use devices such as mobile phones, tablets and computers for a long time must rest their eyes by looking at 20 feet, ie 20 meters and beyond, every 20 minutes for 6 seconds.

Children and teenagers can be myopic

During this period, children and young people are most affected. Children and adolescents who are constantly in online education may experience long-sightedness problems. For this reason, the fact that the trainees have their routine eye checks safely without fear of coronavirus will both reduce their vision problems and ensure that they do not fall behind in education.

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