Employment Attack from TRNC's Domestic Automobile GÜNSEL

Kktc's domestic car is a daily employment attack
Kktc's domestic car is a daily employment attack

Gathering all automotive processes from design to R&D, from production to marketing, in an innovative structure, TRNC's domestic car GÜNSEL continues its mass production works in full force. 100% electric car GÜNSEL, developed by Turkish engineers and designers, will receive production personnel to train it.

Among the advertisements of GÜNSEL, there are many positions such as mold master, assembler, machine operator, cabling worker, logistics operator, mold shop staff, CNC operator, plastic injection mold maintenance and machine operator.

GÜNSEL Will Take Approximately 100 People In The First Stage To Train

At GÜNSEL, which is preparing for mass production, a team of 175 people consisting of engineers, designers and production personnel continues to work with great devotion. GÜNSEL, which will produce 1.000 vehicles in the first place, continues to grow its team. Aiming to strengthen its team with new intermediate production staff to train, GÜNSEL continues to recruit engineers and designers. The company will strengthen its existing team of 175 people with approximately 100 recruits. The company aims to increase its production capacity to 2025 thousand vehicles and the number of employees to over a thousand by 30.

People who will be recruited to work at GÜNSEL Production Facility located in the Near East University Campus must be at least high school graduates. In its advertisements, the company emphasizes "preferably graduating from the mechanical technology fields of technical high schools". The people who will be included in the team will be brought to the automotive industry by being trained with 10 years of knowledge and experience of GÜNSEL.

Prof. Dr. İrfan Suat Günsel: “The Doors of GÜNSEL are Open to the Brave, Curious and Innovative Youth Until the End”
Stating that they continue to work to start mass production, GÜNSEL Chairman of the Board Prof. Dr. İrfan Suat Günsel says, “The doors of GÜNSEL are open to the brave, curious and innovative young people”. Stating that the average age of the team that brought GÜNSEL to today is under 35, Prof. Dr. İrfan Suat Günsel emphasizes that the people who will be included in the team will bring them to the automotive industry by training.

Stating that electric car production, which is one of the newly developing fields in our country, has the potential to change the professions of the future, Prof. Dr. İrfan Suat Günsel said, “The need for intermediate staff from vocational high schools, who will work especially in the production line, will continue to increase day by day. As GÜNSEL, one of our most important priorities is to create a school that will meet the qualified intermediate staff needed by the automotive industry ”.

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