3 thousand 560 liters of counterfeit alcohol seized before the beginning of the year

In the operation carried out by the Customs Enforcement teams of the Ministry of Commerce in Izmir, 3 liters of counterfeit alcohol was seized and counterfeit alcohol producers were dealt a great blow.

Izmir Customs Guard, Smuggling and Intelligence Directorate teams scrutinized the illegal alcohol trade before the upcoming New Year's Eve. As a result of the intelligence studies and field investigations, a workplace suspected of illegal alcohol production was identified and action was taken for the operation.

A total of 712 liters of fake ethyl alcohol was found in 5 3-liter plastic drums in extremely unhealthy conditions during the operation carried out at the determined address.

As a result of the search, the same address is zamIt was found that it was currently storing many equipment such as test kits, counterfeit packaging, bottles, caps, and labels used to make counterfeit alcohol. The words "manufactured for medical use" on the labels on the bottles also attracted particular attention.

After the successful operation, 3 thousand 560 liters of counterfeit alcohol, which could cause a disaster if it is put on the market before the new year, was seized for destruction, and legal action was taken against those responsible.

The investigation into the incident before the Izmir Chief Public Prosecutor's Office is continuing in a multifaceted manner.

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