TAI Offers its Employees the Opportunity of Implementation Training at World Standard

Turkish Aviation and Space Industry continues to support the "lifelong training" activities of its employees, who take part in all processes from design to production of high-tech aircraft. In this context, TAI will provide on-the-job and theoretical training support to a total of 5000 technicians at the Production Training Center, the second of which they put into service, in cooperation with the Academy Presidency and the Structural Deputy General Manager, and aims to increase the production capabilities and productivity of its employees about the production and assembly activities of their original projects. TAI, which prioritizes quality production, will also contribute to occupational safety.

TAI, thanks to manufacturing centers that have international standards in Turkey continues to support the education of aerospace applications. In this context, TAI continues to produce uninterruptedly with nearly 10.000 engineers and technicians who are experts in their fields, while continuing training activities that prioritize the rapid adaptation of its employees, on the other hand, it continues to develop practices aimed at ensuring occupational safety. Employees who have previously completed detail part production and assembly training in production lines will have the opportunity to reinforce their training with machines equipped with the latest technology in the new training center located directly inside the production line.

TAI, same zamIt also continues its efforts to train technical trainers in training centers together with the Ministry of National Education, whose protocol is currently in place. In addition to the state-of-the-art production benches in the training center, it will also enable application activities for its engineers who are studying for master's and doctorate education. In addition to the training support it provides to its employees, TUSAŞ also prioritizes practical training for technicians working within the company and in sub-supply companies, and designs trainings for the training needs required in projects at its centers.

The trainings conducted by the instructors of TUSAŞ Academy Presidency and in-house expert trainers consist of two parts. In the first part, employees who have completed the training on basic manufacturing work on assembly applications in the second part.

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