Turkey, with the local and National Electric Vehicle Production Capacity

turkey local and national electric vehicle with a production capacity
turkey local and national electric vehicle with a production capacity

Electric vehicles are becoming more visible in traffic all over the world, together with our country. Altınbaş University Dr. Lecturer Member Atilla Contemporary East, Turkey, emphasizing that sufficient potential for production of electric vehicles and answered questions that were very curious about electric vehicles.

The eyes of the whole world are on electric vehicles with their environmentalist identities and highly economical structures. Many countries from America to the Far East have allocated huge budgets to electric vehicle technology. While investments continue for more efficient electric motors with R&D studies, the first electric vehicles take their place in traffic. Altınbaş University Dr. Lecturer Members of the East Contemporary Atilla, evaluated Turkey with global developments in the electric vehicles and electric vehicles by consumers to answer questions about the most curious.

"There are government incentives for electric vehicles"

Sales of electric vehicles in the world in parallel with developments in Turkey last year, indicating increased state support for the development and production of Dr. Contemporary East Atilla, "Our state, Turkey's Automobile Enterprise Group (TOGG) has initiated several activities, including investments and projects. In this context, our country is capable of completing these studies and producing the desired quality product in terms of both academic and engineering and technician qualifications ”.

Stating that the most questions about electric vehicles are about their fuel consumption and range of access, Dr. Atilla gave the following information: “The vehicle referred to as an electric vehicle among the public is actually a battery electric vehicle (BEV). This vehicle does not have an internal combustion engine and all the power supplied to the electric motor is provided by the electrical energy stored in the battery. The capacity of the battery in this vehicle is much greater than that of the hybrid (both electric battery and internal combustion engine) model, and their range is between 400 and 700 km. In addition, the speed limit of the electric motor is not low as in hybrid vehicles, and its parameters such as torque, power, acceleration, and maximum speed can be much higher than internal combustion engines, and their consumption is much lower.

How much is the fuel consumption of electric vehicles?

Stating that fuel consumption in electric vehicles is very curious, Dr. Atilla said, “When electric vehicles are examined over a range of 100 km compared to hybrid and internal combustion engines, it is seen that they have very serious advantages over their rivals. For example, if a vehicle has a battery capacity of 75 kWh and a range of 520 km as factory data, it will consume 100 kWh of energy per 14 km. When calculated over the residential tariff (70 kr / kWh), this vehicle will travel 10 km for approximately 100 TL. Considering that an internal combustion gasoline vehicle burns 6,5 liters in mixed consumption, it will consume 100 TL of fuel per 40 km ”.

"Urban hybrid, intercity electric vehicle is more suitable"

Stating that it is not possible to travel long distances with electrical energy in hybrid vehicles, Dr. Eastern Çağdaş Atilla said, “Hybrid vehicles can be preferred for 40-50 km daily and urban use. Battery electric vehicles, on the other hand, have a range of over 400 km and have zero emissions. I would like to mention here; The issue of zero emissions is also controversial. When you produce the electrical energy we receive from the network with the cycles of conventional fuels, it is not possible to say direct zero emission, but indirectly, the term zero emission can be used. Returning to the issue of range, one of the two most important reasons why electric vehicles do not become widespread very quickly is that the range is less than that of an internal combustion vehicle and because of the lack of infrastructure, users say "What if I can't charge?" is the question. With the current technology, it can be folded in a single charge according to factory data between Istanbul and Ankara. According to driving and road conditions, the range is zamIt may vary at the moment, but maybe in the near future, it will be possible to travel completely between Istanbul and Ankara on a single charge with electric vehicles. " he spoke.

Cost comparison…

Stating that hybrid vehicles have both an internal combustion engine and a small electric motor and battery pack, their range is almost the same as a conventional internal combustion engine vehicle. Doğu Çağdaş Atilla said that in battery electric vehicles, the range is directly proportional to the cost. Dr. “In a battery electric vehicle, the most costly component is the vehicle battery. The larger the battery, the longer the vehicle's range. However, the range of electric vehicles currently on the market is around 400 km. Progressive zamThis range is expected to further increase with the development of battery technology now. ” used the expressions.

What is the charging infrastructure in Turkey?

Emphasizing that charging infrastructure and station network are also an important issue in electric vehicles, Dr. Doğu Çağdaş Atilla conveyed the following information: “Although it seems that Istanbul-Ankara and Istanbul-Izmir can be driven with a battery electric vehicle, according to factory data, one more full charge may be required depending on driving conditions. There are charging stations on highways, in various shopping malls, and in the car parks of various institutions. This network is sufficient in quantity for hybrid and battery electric vehicles registered in traffic, but it is also observed that it is not at the desired level of coverage. With the increase in the market share of this technology in our country, this will be the most sought-after investment area and the problem that needs to be focused on the most.

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