Turkey in 2020 was 50 billion donations Step!

With Help Steps, the world's first healthcare application that can turn steps into money, 2020 thousand users took 750 billion steps in total in 50 and donated these steps to those in need. The goal of the practice established in Turkey in 2021 to reach 10 million users

Founded in Ankara at the beginning of 2020, Help Steps attracted great attention in a short time as the world's first health and common sense practice that can earn money and make donations. Help Steps, which combines the pedometer application and the idea of ​​making money by step, with donation, reached 1 thousand users in 750 year.

They took an average of 6 thousand steps

By December this year, Help Steps had 50 billion step cycles and a total of 57.5 billion HS was donated. In return for these donations: Disabled devices for 5 individual injured persons, 1 $ support for 1,825 Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA) campaign, approximately 340.400 TL NGO support was collected. In 2020, members took an average of 6 thousand steps per month.

Help Steps Project Manager Gözde Venice said that even one step is very important and said, “When all steps are combined, strength arises from unity and saves lives. Moreover, while doing this, we are laying the foundations of a more walking and healthy society together. Our goal in 1 is to reach 2021 million users ”.

How is it working?

Users who download the Help Steps app can access their mobile phones in their pockets all day, every day. zamwalks like the present. These steps are the same zamit accumulates in Help Steps application, which is a pedometer at a time. Then, before 24:00 in the evening, users enter the application, press the 'Convert my steps to HS' button and watch a short advertisement. Users whose steps turn into HS points either accumulate these points or donate these points to individual beneficiaries or non-governmental organizations in need through this application.

Who can donate to?

In Help Steps, users choose the organization or person to donate to. By choosing any of the 21 institutions such as Red Crescent, KAYD, AHBAP, HAÇİKO, TOG, TEGV, Needs Map, SEED, TOFD, UCİM, the steps are provided to the people in need. In addition, fans can support Beşiktaş JK and Fenerbahçe SK by donating their steps.

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