Super Gynecology Fibromyalgia Increased During Coronavirus Period


Causes such as inactivity and intense stress in the coronavirus process caused an increase in pain due to fibromyalgia syndrome, or muscle rheumatism, as it is known colloquially. The same fibromyalgia, which is more common in women than in men zamnow known as "superwoman disease".

Biruni University Hospital Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Specialist Assoc. Dr. Zeynep Erdoğan İyigün made suggestions on methods of coping with fibromyalgia and pain caused by fibromyalgia.

“Fibromyalgia syndrome is a musculoskeletal disease characterized by diffuse pain. The cause of fibromyalgia syndrome can be described as the insufficient function of conduction materials working for pain pathways in the brain, which is called central pain syndrome. The most important symptom of fibromyalgia syndrome is widespread pain in the body. Patients often describe their complaints as "it hurts all over me". Other symptoms are fatigue, weakness, sleep disturbances, concentration disorders, joint pains, muscle aches, headaches, abdominal aches, painful menstruation, numbness, and emotional disorders, which are more common in the morning.

Known as "Superwoman disease"

Fibromyalgia is two times more common in women than men. It is known that it occurs more frequently in women who are sensitive, who work at intense pace and who are perfectionists.

Persistent pain can cause "fibromyalgia fog"

Fibromyalgia fog is also known as brain fog. It is a condition that can occur after intense pain. Symptoms of brain fog include memory loss, difficulty concentrating, and difficulty paying attention. When brain fog is felt with pain, it significantly reduces the quality of life of individuals.

First step in treatment, physician examination and confirmation of diagnosis

The diagnosis of fibromyalgia syndrome is made by clinical observation and examination. Currently, the criteria published by the American Rheumatology Association in 2016 are used for diagnosis. Although the diagnosis is made with clinical findings, since the disease can be confused with many other diseases, blood tests and imaging may be required for other possible diseases before the patient is diagnosed with fibromyalgia.

It is established by muscle - strength examination and joint examination in the diagnosis of fibromyalgia.

In order to confirm the diagnosis of fibromyalgia, the neck, neck, shoulder, chest wall, hip, waist and knee areas are evaluated after a physical examination by a specialist physician. There is no cure for fibromyalgia yet. The treatment process focuses on reducing symptoms and improving the quality of life. Medications, self-care methods and lifestyle changes are used for this. After the diagnosis of fibromyalgia is made, the first thing to do in treatment is to educate the patient about the disease. In this training, the disease should be explained to the patient exactly and the things to do in combating pain should be emphasized very well.

Sleep pattern should be provided

The second step is to ensure the sleep pattern of the patient because sleep disorders increase the severity of the pain and sometimes even cause the disease. For this, it should be started with sleep hygiene methods, if necessary, an expert opinion should be obtained.

Doing aerobics at home provides pain relief

In addition, the patient should be given a regular exercise program in the first step of the treatment. The most effective exercise that should be done and found to be the most effective is the exercises that increase the heart rate to a certain level and with large muscle groups, which we call aerobics. Pain relievers, called endorphins, secreted during these exercises were found effective in treating the pain pathways of the brain. In addition to aerobic exercises, exercises such as yoga and Tai-Chi that provide relaxation and relaxation can help the treatment.

Consuming plenty of fiber-rich vegetables and fruits reduces pain

The method of avoiding fibromyalgia pain can be listed as the use of relaxation techniques, regular exercise, and learning methods of coping with stress. In addition, eating healthy, consuming plenty of fluids and paying attention to sleep patterns also help to reduce the complaints caused by fibromyalgia ”.

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