How Should Skin Care Be in Cold Winter Days? Işıl Işıl's Expert Tips for a Skin

How to Care for Skin in Cold Winter Days? The skin is mostly adversely affected in cold weather. If it is not properly cared for because it is cold, our skin will dry out, become dull and turn into a dull appearance. In addition, some points about the skin should be paid attention to. Here are tips for a radiant skin ... Dermatology Specialist Dr. Ata Nejat Ertek is telling.

Drink plenty of water and use moisturizer

The skin tries to adapt to cold weather, reducing blood circulation. Depending on this situation, sweat and sebaceous glands work less, causing the skin not to take the antioxidants it needs. In addition, dryness of the skin in cold weather is the biggest reason for the skin to lose oil, so plenty of water should be drunk and the right moisturizer suitable for the skin type should be used to moisturize the skin and make it look more vivid.

Eat Fish, Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

Omega 3 fatty acids, which have many benefits in terms of human health, are important in the skin. For Omega 3, especially fish consumption should not be neglected. In addition, fresh fruits and vegetables should not be missing from the tables.

Don't Dry Your Lips

Lips are the most suitable areas for drying because they do not have oil-producing properties. Drying lips should be avoided from wetting and moisturizing creams should be applied.

Stop Sleeping Face

Many people do not pay attention, but sleeping face down is one of the causes of facial wrinkles. This position causes significant wrinkles on the face and especially in the décolleté area. Although it is difficult to maintain this position at night, at least be careful not to fall asleep face down. People who do not have the habit of lying face down appear to have less wrinkles, so it is a good idea to get used to sleeping on their back.

Choose the Right Soap

Skin care should be done from infancy. You should wash your face with a natural soap suitable for your skin type. A well-rested, chlorinated water is also a tonic. You can also use a bitter almond milk or almond oil as a moisturizer. You can also remove make-up with almond milk.

Do Not Rub Your Eyes!

Rubbing them when they're tired, sleepy, or when your eyes are itchy is everyone's move. Since the skin around your eyes is very thin, rubbing it back and forth causes the formation of lines. If you do not want to look older than you are, you should take this habit out of your life.

Rejuvenate Your Skin With New Methods

As the skin ages, it dries, scales, thickens, freckles, black spots and red spots appear. Also, age spots begin to appear in older ages. Mimic lines (on the forehead, eyebrow, cheeks) are becoming more prominent. All wrinkles on the face are also beginning to appear. However, thanks to the technology and treatment options developed in recent years (such as focused ultrasound, youth vaccine, gold needle…), the skin can begin to rejuvenate.

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