Countdown for Cyber ​​Security Week Started!

Turkey Cyber ​​Security Cluster, Sibir will perform for the first time on December 21-25 Cyber ​​Security Week comes across with the relevant Security.

TC presidential Defense Industry Department and the Turkish Republic Presidency of Digital Transformation Office of patronage will be held online at 21 to 25 December Cyber ​​Security Week, National Cyber ​​Security Summit in Turkey Cyber ​​especially Security Cluster and its members will host the event on the 30 will be held by firms.

In our country, will be held for the first time Cyber ​​Security Week, continued in the succeeding calendar year will take place in Turkey as the Cyber ​​Security Week.

Established to develop the domestic cybersecurity ecosystem in our country Cyber ​​Security Cluster Turkey, our country Cyber ​​Security awareness and to increase their cooperation, public, bringing together the private sector and academia representatives and to finish the fullest with the Cyber ​​Security theme in 2020 will be held on December 21 to 25 Cyberspace It brings the local companies and products of the Cluster to the stage during the Security Week.

Turkish Vice President Fuat OKTAY, Defense Industry President Prof. Dr. İsmail DEMİR, Head of Digital Transformation Office Dr. The Week to be inaugurated by Ali Taha KOÇ, Deputy Minister of Industry and Technology Mehmet Fatih KACIR and Deputy Minister of Transport and Communications Ömer Fatih SAYAN at the Presidential Complex of the Republic of Turkey will begin with the National Cyber ​​Security Summit and Virtual Cyber ​​Security Fair.

At the Opening Ceremony, which will be held with limited participation due to the pandemic, the Award Ceremony where the Public Representatives Contributing to the Local Cyber ​​Security Ecosystem will be rewarded and a special session with the public representatives will be held.


Turkey Cyber ​​Security Cluster, 2.kez will organize the National Cyber ​​Security Summit in public, private sector and academia brings together!

The National Cyber ​​Security Summit, which was held for the first time in 2019 in order to develop the local Cyber ​​Security ecosystem, is held again this year with the theme of "domestic and national cyber security".

National Cyber ​​Security Summit to be published on online platforms, Development of Local Cyber ​​Security Ecosystem in the Public, Local Cyber ​​Security in the Defense Industry, Local Cyber ​​Security in the Telecommunication Sector, Local Cyber ​​Security in the Energy Sector, Local Cyber ​​Security in the Finance Sector, and Test and Certification panels in Domestic Products. It will host more than 40 speakers, consisting of academicians.

Moderated by Yavuz Emir BEYRİBEY, Vice President of the Digital Transformation Office of the Republic of Turkey, the Development of Local Cyber ​​Security Ecosystem panel will be held with the participation of prominent public representatives and the cluster member companies Picus and Bilge Cyber ​​Security Technologies.

Deputy Head of the SSB Dr. ASELSAN, TUSAŞ, ROKETSAN, HAVELSAN and STM will be among the guests at the Local Cyber ​​Security Panel in Defense Industry, which will be moderated by Celal Sami TÜFEKÇİ.

The Local Cyber ​​Security Panel in the Telecom Sector will be moderated by Gökhan EVREN, General Manager of Communications of the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure, with the participation of Turkcell, Türk Telekom, Türksat, Ulak İletişim and Procenne.

The Indigenous Cyber ​​Security Panel in the Energy Sector will be hosted by the Ministry of Energy, Sakarya University, Cyberwise, ICS Defense, Rovenma and Speksko under the moderation of EMRA, while the Local Cyber ​​Security panel in the Finance Sector will be held under the moderation of the BRSA with the participation of BKM, Garanti BBVA, Akbank, İşbank and Cluster member Infosec. . National Cyber ​​Security Summit, SSB locals in order to increase the reliability of the cyber security products, Turkey Cyber ​​Security Cluster and conducted by TRTEST Testing and Certification in the TSE moderator to discuss the project, TRTEST, Istanbul University, Crypttech, Labris Networks and Beam Technology will join the firm in Native Products Testing and Certification panel will end with.


The Virtual Cyber ​​Security Fair, where more than 80 local cyber security companies will take part with their booths, will be visited by cyber security professionals throughout the week.

Turkey Cyber ​​Security cluster of member firms of local and national capabilities in cyberspace which have been produced with the security products and services they provide, Virtual Cyber ​​Security Exhibition in our country will be presented to the participants to meet all cyber security needs.

Those who want to visit the Virtual Cyber ​​Security Fair, which will be open on December 21-25 They can register at.


Conferences, webinars, contests, sweepstakes and trainings will also be presented to cyber security professionals on December 30-21, during the Cyber ​​Security Week, which will host more than 25 events to be organized by the cluster and its member companies.

Within the scope of Cyber ​​Security Week, Payment Systems and Data Security Summit, Telecommunication Security Conference, Threats and Actors Targeting the Public Sector, Deep Internet: Dark Web, Automation in Cyber ​​Security, Security Tightening Controls, Artificial Intelligence Based Cyber ​​Attack Detection Systems ( IDS), Cyber ​​Attack Prevention Systems (IPS) and User Asset Behavior Analysis Systems, Security in Online Payments, Cyber ​​Security Trends in Industrial Control Systems, etc. In addition to webinars to be held under the titles, trainings, competitions and sweepstakes will be held.

All these events from different platforms It can be followed and participated in the Event Program at.

Turkey by the Cyber ​​Security Cluster will be held for the first time in Turkey The Turkish National Cyber ​​Display Center (TUSGM) covered the launch CYBER SAFETY WEEK will be held on December 23. At the launch, domestic cyber security solutions / products integrated from end to end will be demonstrated with scenario-based live simulations.

Moreover, Turkey Cyber ​​Security Cluster by the pandemic so this year deferred Cyber ​​Anatolia CTF Program, 2. Cyber ​​Security Senior Project Competition, Malware Ninja Final and 2nd Cyber ​​Security Demo Day events will be held in Cyber ​​Security weeks.

Turkey's four to reach the next cyber security-related and abilities order to explore the Cyber ​​Anatolia CTF Program, launched in 2019, 20 provinces giving cyber security education, training held after the CTF (Capture The Flag- Flag Capture) of young people in his city who are successful in the competition CTF It was aimed to create his team and the teams of the cities to compete in the grand final to be held. In Cyber ​​Anatolia, which was suspended due to the pandemic, training and CTFs in Elazig, Zonguldak, Izmir, Mersin, Ankara, Samsun, Van, Isparta, Aydın and Tekirdağ provinces were completed by March 2020. In Cyber ​​Anatolia, where the teams of the completed 10 provinces will compete in the Final to be held on December 25 within the scope of CYBER SECURITY WEEK, the teams of the 3 most successful provinces will be given great awards.

The 2nd Cyber ​​Security Graduation Projects Competition, organized with the aim of increasing and rewarding the Graduation Projects in the field of Cyber ​​Security, will take place in the Cyber ​​Security Week on December 20, with the final of 24 teams.

In the Malware Ninja CTF Competition, the first phase of which was completed online in 2019, 20 teams that qualified for the final will compete in the online final to be held on December 24. On the Cyber ​​Security Demo Day to be held on December 23, 10 companies that are members of the Cluster will appear before the investors.


Detailed information about Cyber ​​Security Week and the event program You can follow it on the website, register to events and participate.

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