Santa Farma Moves its Strategic Cooperation with Mealis One Step Further

Among the most well-established local pharmaceutical companies in Turkey Santa Farma, MEALIS Middle East last month, he has made a strategic alliance with Life Sciences moved a step forward. With the new agreement signed, the sales, marketing and distribution rights of the drug used in the treatment of iron deficiency anemia and containing iron III hydroxide polymaltose and folic acid active ingredients were transferred to MEALIS.

In 150, Santa Farma put the latest production and building technologies into the service of the Turkish pharmaceutical industry with a 43 thousand square meter closed area, which was put into operation in Dilovası district of Kocaeli with an investment of 2015 million Euros. Annual single shift at 150 million boxes of production capacity, EU-GMP, TR-GMP and Jordan GMP certificate holders in the plant, will not only Santa Farma products for the country of Turkey and export produced domestically which are outside products imported globally and localization in the name of supporting the domestic pharmaceutical companies are given.

Pursuing the principle itself to the concept of wellness at any age, in 2013 and started its operations in Dubai and Beirut MEALIS, and began its operations in Turkey in 2014. MEALIS 35 different countries, including Eastern Europe, including Turkey, the Middle East and North Africa in the activities of the drug, medical device and continue reinforcing the food area. The development of the pharmaceutical industry, the principle of sustainability and society to contribute to the future of health MEALIS Turkey original, promotion of generic drug products, marketing, sales and distribution perform.

With the strategic cooperation agreement signed, in order to meet the iron and folic acid needs during pregnancy and breastfeeding, which was licensed by Santa Farma in 2006 and presented to Turkish medicine; The sales, marketing and distribution rights of the drug containing iron III hydroxide polymaltose and folic acid active ingredients, which are used in the prevention and treatment of iron deficiency anemia due to various reasons, have been transferred to Mealis.

Iron Deficiency Anemia

Iron is a substance that is naturally found in all cells in the body and has a role in many vital physiological events such as blood production and the transport of oxygen to tissues. Hemoglobin is a protein that contains iron in its structure and is responsible for carrying the oxygen in the blood to the tissues. As a result of the decrease in red blood cells and hemoglobin in the blood, anemia, known as anemia among the people, occurs.

According to the definition of the World Health Organization, anemia; It is defined as hemoglobin below 15 g / dl in men over 13 years of age, below 15 g / dl in women over 12 and non-pregnant women, and below 11 g / dl in pregnant women.

Iron deficiency anemia is the most common type of anemia seen in the world and in Turkey and one in four of the world's population is affected by iron deficiency anemia. Iron deficiency anemia is most common in infants and pregnant women, followed by women of childbearing age. Its frequency is also high in the elderly. Iron deficiency anemia is seen in 1-2% in adults and 65-12% above the age of 17.

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