Prometeon Developed 'Anteo Pro-M' Specially for City Buses

special anteo pro m from prometeon to city buses
special anteo pro m from prometeon to city buses

Prometeon combined maximum fuel efficiency and safety with long life with Anteo Pro-M, which was specially developed for city buses. With the new 'Anteo Pro-M' that can be used on multiple axles, it promises maximum fuel efficiency with regular wear, more load and passenger carrying capacity.

Prometeon Tire Group, which is the only company focused on industrial tires all over the world, produces industrial and commercial tires under the license of Formula and Pirelli as well as Anteo, Eracle, Tegrys brands, while providing "Premium" energy efficiency with the new Anteo Pro-M specially developed for city buses, does not compromise on longevity, safety and performance.

Anteo Pro-M, produced with Prometeon technology, offers excellent road holding to safely brake even in low noise and difficult road conditions to increase passenger comfort, as well as reinforced sidewalls and low rolling resistance to extend tire life.

Offered with 275/70 R22.5 M + S and 3PMSF winter tire labeling, Anteo Pro-M can be used on multiple axles, providing regular wear, low noise level (71dB), load capacity up to 7,1 tons per axle and excellent safety performance. it helps users to reduce their operating costs.

Top energy efficiency and excellent wet braking performance

Featuring a high level of energy efficiency class (C), Anteo Pro-M stands out with its excellent wet braking performance (B), allowing buses to brake safely even in muddy and fresh or melting snowy road conditions. In addition, Anteo Pro-M helps users reduce operating costs by providing regular wear, low noise level (71dB), load capacity of up to 7,1 tons per axle and excellent safety performance.

The high-tech polymer blends used in the sidewalls of the tire allow to overcome shock impacts without sacrificing mileage and prevent abrasion caused by friction.

Lasting performance throughout the life of the tire

Anteo Pro-M, which focuses on efficiency and safety, Anteo Pro-M prevents damage to the carcass with the stone pushers in its lateral channels and increases the coating. The lamellae on the shoulder offer maximum grip and high control even on snowy surfaces. The innovative sole pattern combines regular wear, acoustic comfort and low rolling resistance.

Anteo Pro-M, which is compatible with winter tire regulations, has M + S and 3PMSF markings, and provides convenience in measuring sidewall wear with 4 sidewall wear indicators (ISW) reinforced with rubber. Same zamThanks to its reinforced sidewalls, it also offers superior durability against the pavement rubs frequently encountered in this segment.

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