Pay Attention To These Suggestions For The New Year In The Pandemic!

Dr. Fevzi Özgönül made important warnings just before the new year. This year, New Year's Eve will be experienced differently due to the pandemic. Due to the coronavirus measures, both the curfew and entertainment venues will be closed and everyone will celebrate the New Year at their home. Please ask us to spend this New Year's Eve at homes with the people of the house. Let's avoid guests and crowded environments.

Since we will spend the New Year's Eve in our homes, I suggest you heed my suggestions.

- If you are going to have a New Year's table with a wide variety of foods, you should try not to consume too much food.

-If you want to get up rested, vigorous and lively on the first morning of the new year and live so vigorous all year round, continue using your Body Mind from the beginning of the year.

There is a saying that if you go shopping hungry, you will buy a lot of unnecessary things, in the same way, if you sit hungry on New Year's Eve, you cannot eat too much and sleep in the evening and you will get up very tired in the morning.

- If you are craving fruit, it is better to eat it with yoghurt instead of the evening, but if you prefer fruit in the evening, you may not sleep comfortably at night.

-Do not compromise on the New Year's rituals for dinner, but don't be in a hurry either.

- If you want to wake up the next day without a headache and rested, do not eat in a rush. In the evening, it is okay to eat olive oil dishes, meat dishes, turkey, stuffed rice, yoghurt appetizers, cookies freely and without too much.

In the selection of snacks, consuming white chickpeas, which relieves the stomach, will also brake the desire to eat excessively.

-And ending the night with a soup, if possible, will make the food we eat all night easier to digest and sleep more comfortably. As a soup, tripe, lentil or tomato soup can be preferred.

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