Koluman to Begin First Deliveries of DERMAN 8 × 8 in 2021

Kaan Saltık, Chairman of the Board of Koluman Automotive, announced that the deliveries of the DERMAN 8 × 8 Armored Logistics Support Vehicle will begin in 2021.

Kaan Saltık, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Koluman Automotive, made important statements about DERMAN at the 4th Istanbul Economy Summit. In an interview he gave at the event sponsored by Koluman, Saltık stated that the first deliveries of the DERMAN 8 × 8 Armored Logistics Support Vehicle will begin in 2021. Regarding the subject, “Our contract negotiations continue. We will start our first deliveries by 2021. " Saltık also gave important information about the Koluman Group's projects on the agenda.

Stating that they have been serving the Armed Forces in the purchase of various vehicles for many years, Saltık said, “We set out to produce our own vehicles in 2016 and implemented our DERMAN vehicle. This is a fully NATO standard 8 × 8 armored tactical logistics vehicle. " He spoke in the form. Saltık stated that they predominantly position themselves in rescue or support activities of battleships that have a shortage of ammunition.

Stating that their targets are export-oriented, Kaan Saltık, Chairman of the Board of Koluman Automotive, said, “Our goal is we are looking for success in exports. We have made a serious investment since 2016. We invested 65 million Euros in our factory in Tarsus. We increased our capacity. We currently have an indoor area of ​​80 thousand square meters. Our traditional market was Europe. Russia is a very important market for us. We started serious activities in Ukraine and Belarus. Our products are sold there. And we are concentrating on Far East-Asia, to which we attach great importance."He made statements.

Stating that they have increased their R&D activities in recent years, Saltık said, “We have a R&D center since 2016. We work together with our universities. We allocate resources around 2,5% of our turnover for R&D." said.

DERMAN 8 × 8

Derman is an armored 8-wheel drive military logistics vehicle manufactured by Koluman Otomotiv Endustri AS in Tarsus district of Mersin. Koluman Otomotiv Endustri AŞ started Derman's R&D studies in 2015.

Derman 8 × 8 has been developed as a family of vehicles with a high level of similarity throughout the fleet, suitable for multi-purpose use, with upgradable modular ballistic protection levels suitable for logistic support and tactical operations.

The cabin itself is suitable for STANAG 4569 Level 2 (7mm Armox 600T) and can be upgraded to STANAG 4569 Level 3 and Level 4 (Dressing Composite Armor Plates). Ballistic firing tests were also performed at the welding points and the dressing armor connection points. In addition, reinforcement was made to the joining points welded from armor sheet.

Basic Features:

  • 4 person capacity (including driver)
  • 16-speed fully automatic transmission
  • Diesel engine capable of producing 517 horsepower
  • Azami speed 110 km/h
  • Superior control and mobility thanks to the rotatable front two axles
  • 60% steep slope and 30% side slope mobility
  • 140 cm Trench and 40 cm Vertical Obstacle pass ability
  • 75 cm water pass ability
  • 70% localization rate

Purposes of use:

  • Shipment of armored vehicles, tanks and ammunition
  • Shipment of command centers and similar structures
  • Recovery of damaged or broken vehicles

Target Markets:

  1. Domestic market formed in line with the needs of the TSK (SSB will be tendered for 476 vehicles)
  2. NATO countries
  3. Other countries

Source: defenceturk

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