Challenge the Years with Goose Feet Aesthetics!

Eye Diseases Specialist Op. Dr. Hakan Yüzer gave important information on the subject. With the advancing age, the muscles that have been moved by making mimics for many years, and the fine lines that occur especially around the eyes due to smoking and alcohol use are commonly called crow's feet. Crow's feet may make the person look more tired and older than they are, as well as avoiding aesthetics of makeup and creating self-confidence problems in daily life make it necessary for people to apply for treatment.

Basically Why Do Goose Feet Occur?

With advancing age, the skin loses its tense and youthful appearance, makeup for many years, use of heavy cosmetics, irregular sleep and eating habits due to stress, smoking and alcohol consumption, deprivation of moisture with insufficient water consumption, sugary foods, excessive fatty foods Factors such as excessive consumption play with our skin balance and cause the formation of fine lines.

Removal of Crow's Feet and Aesthetic Applications

At the point where personal precautions and cosmetic products are insufficient, aesthetic interventions for crow's feet are now zamand the problem is resolved permanently by determining the most appropriate treatment methods for the person by specialist physicians. There are different methods in the treatment of crow's feet. These methods; Botulunium toxin application, hyluronic Acid Filling, mesotherapy.

The Most Suitable for Goose Feet Aesthetics Zaman

We generally begin to show signs of aging in the early 30s. At this age, the skin now reduces the formation of new cells, however, it begins to lose its elasticity and sag and wrinkle. The aesthetic procedures performed at this stage give perfect results without delay.

Same zamAt the moment, there is no age range for the treatment of accident feet, successful results are obtained with only one procedure and supportive applications. As the age of the person progresses and the lines deepen, for example, the filling process is done with botox so that the problem is completely solved. Same zamIntegrity can be achieved by performing laser operations around the eyes, cheek aesthetics together with crow's feet applications.

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